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It's Official... Goodbye Onsugar~

By Sara Kye · August 1, 2014 · 0 Comments ·

So... it is official now.


I have decided to pack my stuff into boxes (whatever I need for the move that is) and head on out of Onsugar.

While I love this place dearly, it is about time I moved on, like many of my Onsugar friends have done.

I will still be keeping all my entries up on here because I am not going to import anything to the new site (starting on a fresh new slate and all) thus if you wish to browse or reference any old stuff, it's all here for your viewing!

Goodbye this old space...

Don't forget to change your RSS links, subscribe to my new wordpress blog (sign up for mailing list on Icyabstract Wordpress's sidebar) or start Following my Wordpress blog on Bloglovin'!

I assure you, that is one of my fav blog readers and you wouldn't regret starting on that.

I have said all I should say so... goodbye and see you on Wordpress~

Love, Sara

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Yes, we have moved to a spankin’ new site so do head over and subscribe to me there! You can also catch my new siteon Bloglovin’ if you use that but if you miss my older (cirque 2008 - mid 2014) posts, you can still find them on here!
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Something's Cookin'

By Sara Kye · July 31, 2014 · 0 Comments ·

So... I think enough is enough and pardon my little silence on this space while I get myself (and my whole site issues sorted out) because we are movin' out!

By we, I really mean me.

After much consideration, I truly am quite tired of the constant glitches on this space and while I will miss it a lot, a whole whole lot, because of how this space was such a huge part of me both as a beauty blogger and a person. So much so that even this website is written all over my watermarks!

But enough is enough and as nostalgic as I feel, I should move on to better pastures. Hopefully more well-equipped one.

So while I am sorting that out, I apologize for any radio silence on here because the whole import and export issue is quite a tricky one... somehow. Even though in most situations it is quite straight forward I have been having issues with it. Gah!

Though I shan't bore you, I just wanted to drop by with an update about what to expect and of course, again, thank everyone for still being around. I cannot express how grateful I am for every single reader that stops by because ultimate, without you all I wouldn't be here. It is cheesy, so so cheesy, but true and I just want you all to keep knowing that

Alrightey, here's a picture to cut the words, from a LOTD to come!

Until then, thank you for reading and hopefully the next time I 'see' you all, it would be over at a new space!

Check back to be posted! :)

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Yes, we have moved to a spankin’ new site so do head over and subscribe to me there! You can also catch my new siteon Bloglovin’ if you use that but if you miss my older (cirque 2008 - mid 2014) posts, you can still find them on here!
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Whoopdedoo – New Camera (And New Makeup)!

By Sara Kye · July 29, 2014 · 0 Comments ·


I've got some really really exciting news to share, more so for myself actually but remember the little camera dilemma I found myself in a while back? When I posted this LOTD?

Well, that dilemma is now a thing of the past because...


My new shiny and sexy baby, woots.

Okay I couldn't help myself there, please excuse me.

But as you can see, after seeing both the Olympus EP-5 and EM-10 in person, I had fallen for the Olympus OM-D EM10 because of how adorably compact it looks along with how handy the knobs and dials are even though before this I always had my sights set on the EP-5.

I guess it's true, when it comes to cameras you really have to see and feel it in person before passing judgement.

Given how pretty this looked, I went all the way (or rather Hubs went all the way) and got a whimsical and girly strap for me to go with the camera instead of the default black one that comes with.

It's frivolous yes, but a pretty strap makes a pretty camera even prettier, yes?

On a not that frivolous note, I got the dual lens kit because I figured given the focal (and zoom) length of the kit lens, I probably want something a little further for occasions like zoo trips or... something.

While not as cute, that 'tumbler' you see there is the 40-150mm lens, for 'back up' purposes.

Now, it's really random for me to be parading my new birthday present from the hubs but I guess my point of this is, yay to a new camera because for the most part the use of a camera is to snap pictures for this little space of mine so... I guess that is why I felt this newbie deserved a mention and an introduction.

While I love my old and gold SONY A350, it has been giving some problems and is starting to sound aged (springs do echo once pictures are snapped, slower start up time, lens spasm... etc).

It is still going strong (bless that trooper) but I am in need of a shiny new play toy, and also a back up plan if you will.

Long story short, I am might pleased with the camera I eventually decided upon (Olympus OM-D EM10, once again) because I have shot some test snaps and am loving how it feels and shoots so far.

Here are some quick shots:

And that one is some dreamy filter I was testing out. Cool stuff.

And then there's more!

So... yes while I am excited about the camera, so excited that I daren't touch it much for fear of dirtying it (so lame, I know), here's more stuff to be excited about!

After all, we talk about make up on here so here's a little makeup to show for it!

Also along the lines of a birthday gift, here's a generous beauty pile I got from my beloved beauty pals (hurhur, see the rhyme) – Eliza, Mabel and Sophia!

It's so darling that they remembered I have been sitting on my wishlist of the Les Beiges powder and after gifting me the Retractable Kabuki last year, I now have the powder to go with!

And to add to the Chanel party, I also got this stunning gem!

stylo yeux waterproof, chanel, makeup, eye pencil

The Stylo Yeux Waterproof in Bleu Metallique which is absolutely gorgeous.

I know that because I have already used it... I couldn't help myself.

And lastly, the beautiful beautiful hot pink lipgloss from NARS, Priscilla. Looks like Yu and Schiapp have company now!

Wrapping It Up – One Year Older, Not Sure If I'm Wiser...

I guess wrapping up the past year, time seems to have flown by and things were quite a rollercoaster of events and emotions. Such as this little frivolous roller coaster that is going through my mind right now as I fret about blog issues. Yes, the same blog issues that aren't solved thus far. Tsk!

In the bigger scale of life, I have been busy with my mini-me and also trying to put entries up as often as I can, along with sorting out work issues in work time but like what everyone says, life truly passes you by the minute you hit your 20s because, frankly speaking it felt like it was just yesterday that I turned 21 and now I have just turned 24!

Yet, here I am still the same girl, writing on the same blog about the same frivolous makeup issues even though my life is completely different from what it was when I first started this space.

I don't know what else to contribute to my philosophy of life because it didn't even feel like a whole year had gone by yet here we are sitting in 2014 with a very much evolved blogging scene. Everything is booming on social media these days and we've got so many more avenues to contribute to Cyber Bullying and a whole lot more frivolousness to fret about.

Like how I have been quite annoyed and peeved with the blogging issues and dilemmas I have ben encountering these days, with the whole Onsugar RSS and Security Cert glitch and how it has also in turn been affecting traffic on my blog. Which really in a sense shouldn't bug me because I don't play the number game though I can't help but feel annoyed I am subjected to this just because I don't have control over portions of the site to tweak and amend. I guess that is what comes with being hosted for free as opposed to self-hosting.

So anyway, I will admit that this issue is nagging away at me, making me consider remedies and options like moving out to another host or even self-hosting but at the end of the day, I should remind myself to look at the bigger picture.

I love makeup, I love writing but I should also find means and ways to improve my quality of life, my family's and much as I enjoy attending events, writing about products and such there are occasions things start to get to me and get in my head and I tip towards the scale of numbers but I must always remind myself that there are bigger things in life than makeup clique-goss, who gets more products, who posts the quickest, etc.

I guess this is growing up, learning responsibilities and hopefully learning to ramble less!

A large part of this could be confusing for a lot of people but I guess I am just having a self reflecting verbal diarrhea on here, and being very truthful about matters running through my mind for whoever is interested or around to read.

I feel grateful that given how I'm not as shiny and prepped (I mean this in the whole doll-ed up aspect of it) as good deal of the girls sashaying about on Instagram, I still get a substantial amount of views, presence and I truly appreciate all of you because in a world so frivolous and fickle, somehow this feels genuine.

Okay, enough of me, I should go now. I had no intention to make this so deep but... if it helps lighten matters up, I have a LOTD coming up soon!

Thank you so so much for reading!


Yes, we have moved to a spankin’ new site so do head over and subscribe to me there! You can also catch my new siteon Bloglovin’ if you use that but if you miss my older (cirque 2008 - mid 2014) posts, you can still find them on here!
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LOTD: All Lancôme-d Out (Plus Site Migration Thoughts...)

By Sara Kye · July 27, 2014 · 0 Comments ·

I'm giving myself a little pat on the back for being more regular about LOTDs / Looks (ha-ha, as if it is truly deserving of a pat) because at one point I was primarily featuring products and diverted my attention to more 'look feature' entries. Which still feature my face, yes, but it isn't as casual, rambly and 'anything goes' as my old-style LOTDs are.

While this look seems somewhat geared towards the 'Look Feature' segment, trust me I wasn't keeping tabs on what I was putting on my face and it wasn't until the last minute, sweeping across the products sprawled out on my vanity, that I realized....

"oh hey, this kinda looks like a very Lancôme themed look so... let's roll with that."

So, here you go – a Lancôme-ish face!

(pictured are the Lancôme products, I didn't include the other non-Lancôme stuff)

If I had a mind to be more Lancôme about this, I would have truly kept everything to one brand but since the revelation was only made just before I donned my lipstick, I think some products kinda sneaked into the mention a little.

For the eyes, I didn't have a color scheme in mind but I did know that I wanted to try to incorporate some Lancôme Monos because they have been sitting untouched in the drawers for awhile now and I remember they were pretty colors too, so it was about time I revisited them.

The eye look itself isn't out of the ordinary – my usual neutral eye, this time leaning a little maroon with some shimmer and shine thrown in. Overall, still good enough for the day and fairly understated.

Though the difference this time was me exploring the Lancôme Kohl Liner (in Noir) as I used that to line the entire of my eye, not just my lower lashline so the overall effect is a much softer rim around my eye. Not as harsh as the usual sharp black liquid liner.

I'm going through a bit of a gloss-loving phase – not necessarily loving lipgloss, but loving that sheer-and-shine finish – so the Lancôme Lip Lovers are absolutely perfect for that with their balmy texture, glossy shine and lovely pigmentation.

The summer bug is not letting me loose and the killer weather these days – so warm and so dry – isn't helping. I am constantly craving to put on a fresh and light face everytime I sit down to do my makeup.

Products Used:

Shu uemura hard 9 pencil in Walnut Brown
Shu uemura brow manicure in Honey Glaze

L'OCCITANE Hydra Vital Gel (moisturizer)
Biore UV Aqua Rich Whitening Sunscreen SPF50
Lancôme Blanc Miracle Liquid Foundation
Urban Decay NAKED Loose Powder (to set)

Lancôme Aquatique Eye Base on 01
Lancôme Alber Elbaz 5 color palette - smokey eyes
Lancôme Alber Elbaz mono in I106
Lancôme mono in violine tresor P209
Lancôme Kohl Hypnôse Waterproof in Noir

Lancôme Blush Subtil in 032

Lancôme Lip lover in 318

There you go! A simple little LOTD mention while shedding some accidental light on Lancôme.

Then again, given how generous the folks over at Lancôme are and how far we have come (from when they first contacted me and all), I do have a good amount of Lancôme within my stash and I don't think it is all that hard to be all 'Lancôme-ed out'.

Thoughts of blog migration...

Either ways, a little off tangent rambling but I have noticed some, well okay, a lot of issues with Onsugar's site of late. Aside from the whole RSS-issue, which to date I'm not even sure if it is solved or not, apparently there are also some site-script security problems. Which in turn has been affecting how my site (and probably all onsugar sites) shows up on search engines. Which is not at all.

To cut out the whole technicality of it, while yes I don't crave to be number 1 on the search engine but if someone were to even google 'icyabstract' directly, there are instances where my blog doesn't even show up. Probably the instances where the script's security has lapsed but it is too glitchy and unreliable for me and has once again brought about thoughts of migrating.

I know I'm not for the whole 'fame' and being a widely recognised blogger. I am happy enough with my own pool of readers, some of which that have stuck with me through time but if the glitches are going to continually affect my blog to the point that even these readers do not know of content I have posted and information that I am sharing cannot even be found by those who wish to read about it, then it truly defeats the whole purpose of beauty sharing and such.

So yes.

Long story short, this time around I truly am considering options to move and while I can't say I am keen on the whole dot com approach (I know, it is quite awesome to have your own domain, plus that is what I do for others at work... hurhur), because it's a little too much time and effort etc right now. I am thinking it through on whether a move to wordpress (maybe?) is sufficient enough for what I want or should I genuinely consider a dot com.

It's all in the works and research right now but I thought I would mention it to you all so when I announce a URL shift, you would have seen it coming ;)

All that lengthiness aside, I hope everyone is having a great weekend! This long weekend is especially awesome to me because there is a whole lot of fun and bonding involved and I absolutely can't wait~

Thanks for reading!


Yes, we have moved to a spankin’ new site so do head over and subscribe to me there! You can also catch my new siteon Bloglovin’ if you use that but if you miss my older (cirque 2008 - mid 2014) posts, you can still find them on here!
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Benefit's Gimmebrow Gives Me Brows!

By Sara Kye · July 25, 2014 · 0 Comments ·

Ahem ahem, look at what I managed to dig up from the library of forgotten photos.


If I didn't go through those hair transformation days I could probably pass this off as a fairly recent review / feature but alas, I still had my ash blonde locks when I snapped these pics (boy, do I miss that blonde... though it was such a pain to maintain).

Even though this mention is highly belated, given I have had this on hand for...forever, I have been giving Benefit's Gimme Brow a good amount of love across the blog and also on instagram because it is just so darn easy to use!

Before you close this window to run out to get it, let me explain why I like this because the instances that I use this are different from the times when I want a proper and defined brow shape.

So while I have been this teeny tiny tube (a little goes a long way I suppose), it does not substitute my beloved brow pencils and brow mascaras.

Right now, so here we go.

The first point, I should highlight, to deviate any form of shock or disappointment when you see this in person (assuming you haven't), is just how small and handy this tube is.

When I said teeny tiny above, I really mean teeny tiny!

Though small in size, this little tube does comes packed with an innovative brush-on fibre gel that seems to mimick the concept of brow hairs. It is quite intriguing because while it is a gel that helps comb and cling on to your brow hairs, it does deposit a little color on the skin as well, very much like filling in your brows, but done well so it isn't an intense glob of color on skin.

I know we all hate it when that happens with some brow mascaras...

Thus, the end product is actually very much natural.

I can't decide if this product is best for someone with a pretty good brow shape already or someone with barely any brows (such as I) becuase it seems to be between grounds – it fills the brows but doesn't perfect it.

So it really depends on what you are after but truth is truth, it will give you brows. Whether it be the sort of brows you desire, that is a whole different matter.

One thing I quite like about this cutesy little product is how small and precised the spoolie portion of it is. The small tip allows for easy control be it if you are combing brow hairs in place or drawing some on and possibly one of the reasons that makes this product work.

Benefit's Gimme Brow is so tiny and small in comparison to Shu's Brow Manicure.

See how Benefit's comes with a fairly precise tip too.

Available in 2 colors – Light/Medium and Medium/Deep – I wouldn't say it is the most versatile if you happen to have more golden or red tones in your hair because both shade offerings have a tad of ashiness amidst the warm brown.

Even Light/Medium can go on a little more medium than golden-brown so... those who fancy Japanese-esque blonde brows, these shades may not quite be for you. Though give them a chance, they can be quite pretty and introduce you to a lovely world of beige-brown brows!

The shade that I have and use is Light/Medium and I feel it works perfectly fine for me through blonde and brunette days.

Though I feel sometimes brow color is not only dependent on your hair color but also your skin tone and perhaps your choice of definition so... take my preference for lighter brows with a pinch of salt.

How To Use?

Becuase this product is quite a novelty, in that it draws on and combs your lashes at the same time, it could leave some wondering how to best work it.

Benefit does provide a quick guide on using Gimme Brow but generally, play around with this using short pressing motions (starting from your arch because it is okay to deposit most color there), brushing along your brow shape and with a couple of tries you should get the hang of using this.

The one little itty bitty thing about this product I don't quite like is, while precise in point for those with a narrow-er brow, it doesn't actually give you a precise brow shape.

There is only so much brushing on a brow with a fibre-gel formula can do and needless to say, it wouldn't be as sharp and defined as drawing on some brows with a firm angled brow brush or brow pencils.

Though, the thing is this product doesn't claim to give you a sharp clean brow line, instead it is said to give you "thick, lush arches" which it somewhat does as the fibres mimick the look of brow hair, giving you natural definition that isn't too precise, sharp or... well, unnatural.

Here's a little photo documentation of the varying steps of Gimme Brow's application.

Since my brows lack shape, I would usually have to do a little cleaning up after brushing Gimme Brow on, to give myself a cleaner and more defined looking border to my brows.

So after brushing it on and defining it a little, here's the end product (sans makeup on the rest of my face):

The end result is a very natural looking set of brows and if you are blessed with a pretty defined brow shape already, Gimme Brows could be perfect for adding some oomph and filling in the gaps!

If you, like me, have almost no brows to begin with – sparse fine hairs that hardly hold shape – what this does is to give you a very natural looking brow which is what we want sometimes on fuss-free weekends.

Because when you're running out bare-faced, sometimes overly defined and crisp brows just don't quite go...

And call me crazy but there's just something about having lush, full, yet not entirely neat brows paired with a fresh and relatively bare-face that appeals to me so much. It's almost as if somehow, in the perfect universe, you rolled out of bed and couldn't be damned with anything when actually I spent 10 minutes infront of my mirror achieving that look.

Incase you can't obviously tell what Gimme Brows has given me, here's a Before and After comparison side by side.

In a sense, this product isn't rocket science nor will it satisfy everyone out there but for me, I am extremely glad to have found this quick and fuss-free way to draw on (brush on?) some brows over the weekend when all I want is to frame my face yet not look like I actually bothered with makeup.

I love defined brows for more made up purposes but sometimes a natural way about brows has its own appeal.

Benefit's Gimme Brow retails for S$35 and is a permanent item. Available at all Benefit stores (and Sephora Singapore) island-wide.

Have you tried Benefit's Gimme Brow? What do you think of it?

Thanks for reading!


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