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Anna Sui Cosmetics - Blogger Event

By Sara Kye · March 6, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Yet another picture heavy entry. I guess this would be considered Part 1 as I intend to post the goodie bag breakdown in a seperate entry because I feel this entry has enough photos as is.

A couple of bloggers (me included) were invited to an event with the brand Anna Sui Cosmetics. The event was simply a little gathering and introduction to the brand Anna Sui. It seems like this is their first step into the blogger Social Marketing society. I could be wrong, they might have done it before...

I had been invited to this event by Sandra, who works for a PR company handling this project. Sandra was extremely friendly and super bubbly. In fact, everyone present - the representatives from the PR company and from Anna Sui (and of course the bloggers) - were really great to hang out and chat with.

Starting off the event, we first met up at the Martini Bar in Hyatt Hotel for some drinks, food and chit chat. Like I said, very casual and intimate event, no slideshow presentations  involved.

The group (minus Christy who wasn't here yet).

We were not exactly mailed the list of people going so it was a very pleasant surprise to run into Kas and Chantana there. I pretty much did a mad wave when I walked in and saw them both. Well maybe not mad...I don't know myself, I'll let them judge. (:

Other bloggers present were: Mag and Mina

The food and my Lychee Martini. They had ordered more food but I didn't bothered whipping my camera out and taking them since that is not the point of this,

After we have had our food and drinks, we proceeded on to the Isetan Orchard (Wisma Atria) Anna Sui Cosmetics counter to browse their products. In this transition, Kas had to head off first because she had something on, wish she could have stayed longer though!

As far as the brand Anna Sui goes, I have always known of it but I have never bought anything from them or really peruse their counters. I don't know why...

Attending this event was a great eye opener to Anna Sui Cosmetics for me. The best part is you get to swatch around the counter with very friendly makeup artists helping you along. In a typical scenario you might get stalked and be faced with not as friendly makeup artists. I'm not talking about Anna Sui in this case, but just the default mentality.

For this event we were not specifically introduced to a new collection, though Anna Sui Cosmetics did put out a 'new' collection and we were briefly educated on it. I have absolutely no idea if these are relaunches, repromotions or completely brand new but this is how the display looks:

Isn't that adorable? A rose made out of cotton pads.

Those who frequent Anna Sui might not find this new, but I swear I felt like a kid in the candy store. Some of you might have seen it a dozen times, but anyway here are some pictures of their counter:

This is surely not the full counter range but I'm sure you guys get the gist of it.

Now on to some cute product finds, swatches and all that.

From their new collection, they were promoting these two makeup bases:

One of them is a pink-toned one to correct dullness in the skin, and the other is a green-toned one to correct redness. This is how they swatch:

Funny thing is, I perceived the green toned one as a ashy grey while Chantana saw it as a slightly blue shade. We saw any and everything but green.

The consistency of this does not feel thick and sun-blockish at all, as I assumed it would with the words 'UV' stated on there. They do have a slight sheen/shimmer to them to provide luminosity I think. You can't see it much in photos, but here's how they look when they are spread out (not entirely well):

You can partially see that sheen right there. I like the scent and texture of it though I'm not sure about the sheen it has, it's a personal preference thing.

From the new collection, there was also this rather soft-colored palette on display:

Overall the palette is quite pretty, but nothing really jumped out to me, aside from that blue shade (2nd from left)

It's like a blackened blue with a hint of purple in it, very interesting color and it swatches almost greyish black with a blue sheen. I tried my hardest to capture the sheen, here you go:

This color sort of reminds me of a darker version of MAC's Deep Truth.

Next, while walking around the counter, I noticed this really cute 'tree'...

You might be wondering, what exactly is dangling off of it? Well the answer is... lipgloss in a pot!

Isn't that just so convenient and cute!

Last but not least, the makeup artist came up to Chantana and I while we were exploring the rouge in a pot. The Makeup artist introduced this long-wear lip color product that changes with your body temperature. It goes on a clear shade and depending on your temperature, it would get redder in tone. I know products like this are a dime a dozen out there.

But none are ever quite so pretty! According to the Makeup artist, this is long wearing because even after eating, all you have to do is rub your lips together to 'activate' the color. That aspect of it sounds quite cool. The makeup artist also said this could end up quite red on. Here is a demonstration she did on the back of her hand. The result is definitely different as to how it would look on your lips but you get the color-changing idea.

Note the q-tip, where color change is most evident (since the q-tip is white).
UPDATE 08/03: The Rouge Jar 001 is S$28

Another thing I have learnt is that Anna Sui products have a rose fragrance to them. I think the scent is in everything from lipstick, to mascara, lip glosses, eyeshadows and foundations even! The makeup artist had also told me that Anna Sui focuses on catering to sensitive skin and that left me slightly confused. It is often said that 'perfumed' products do not work well on sensitive skin.

The makeup artist then explained that Anna Sui's products use a botanical extract and does NOT contain a crap ton of chemicals to generate the scent. So there you go! Seriously though I would own Anna Sui just to be able to sniff the product. Yes I love the smell of it that much!

Well next I thought to throw in photos of 2 products that I have been interested to get from Anna Sui. The interests were stemmed before this event, and through this even I managed to enquire about the price, since before that I have never approached the counter.

Item #1 - Eyelash curler

I forgot who is was but after having seen a youtube guru use this eyelash curler, I've been dying to get my hands on it. Mag is looking to get this as well and we were both quite shocked to learn that it is only 12 bucks.
UPDATE 08/03: It's not S$12, it's S$19. Not too far off!

Item #2 - Perfume

The one I am eyeing is the original Rock Me (the one on the right). It so happens that right now they have a GWP. Nothing overly fancy but you get a guitar keychain with every purchase of a Rock Me perfume - either one. Sounds like a good time to get it, yes?

The last topic discussed with our trip to the Anna Sui counter would be their membership cards - Anna Sui My Dolly Club.
The perks of it sounds quite interesting though I am not very familiar with it as it was not discussed about a lot.

Here is what the membership card looks like:

Not the entire thing, just that little rectangle at the bottom. I do wish that the card was of a plastic credit-card-esque material. I doubt that this is simply a mock up, but it is printed on a rather thick paper, not plastic or anything.

So that was pretty much what went down at the Anna Sui counters, wrapping it off here are some group photos

Chantana and I!

Sandra and I

L-R: Mag, Me, Christy

After the event, Mag, Chantana and I headed over to Tangs to check out MAC's Too Fab collection. Nothing fancy there, for me and Chantana at least. Then we went to ION to grab some drinks and food.

Goodie bag~

Soon after, Haru and Christy joined us and we sat around and chatted a little. When we were all heading off, Haru offered to give Chantana and I a lift home so that was super nice of her, thank you so much!

The event was pretty fun, thank you to Sandra for the invite and also a thank you to Anna Sui Cosmetics.

I will be going through the goodie bag in a seperate blog entry because this entry has enough photos to kill someone's bandwidth and I don't to push it. Plus it's super late right now, so for the sake of proper english sentences, I should end this here.

Thank you all so much for reading!

UPDATE: Goodie bag entry is up! Click here to read it.

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posted by

I absolutely love anna sui for perfumes, not so much for makeup cuz i'm turned off by their universal smell they add in it. Secret Wish is sooo good and so is rock me! I wish i was in singapore!!!

posted by

Oh my gosh I'm so envious! I've been stalking their counters but have yet to purchase anything though I've been meaning to. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you received in the goodie bags!

posted by

WOW... you are fast!! I was so lazy!! ^__^

posted by

Oh ya.. forgot to mention... I was pretty interested in the long-wear lip balm(even though I'm not a lip person! lolx)... did the MUA say how much was that?

posted by

Wish I could have been there! Love your super detailed and clear pics as usual :-) I was surprised to learn that we are all neighbours... small country!

posted by

That seems so fun! Cant wait to see whats in your goody bag :)


This seems like a fun event! Nice place to gather everyone together, and then check out their products!

posted by priscilla tay

i am a big fan of anna sui! i love the lipstick. it smell awesome. :) love their lipgloss too. not too sticky. :) but i am dying to get the foundation!! their packaging is uber cute. ^^
i didn't know that anna sui got membership!!!! i went there a couple of times. but they never tell me. :(

posted by

The eyelash curler looks soo pretty!

posted by

yeah the long wear lip colour is really interesting.. i didn't think the eyelash curler would be so affordable! esp when i've heard such good things about it.. whoaa i really want to go down and check it out

posted by

woww!! great event! Super classy, just like Anna Sui, and i love the nails of the demonstrator!!! WOW! Totally Anna Sui~ This event looks like so much fun! And the curler is only $12?!! you must be joking! I mean their eyeshadows cost more than mac~ wow, i would totally buy it :) Thanks for sharing this event dear. Lovely! Like im almost there! :)

posted by

roseannetangrs: I get what you mean about the universal scent. I guess it's a hit or miss depending on the individual, I haven't ventured very much into the brand but their perfumes do smell nice! Plus the packaging is too cute.

Anonymous Bosch: I'll post up that entry in a bit! (: I've always been interested in their stuff but I don't know why I have always been intimidated to go near a counter. haha.

everbluec: I was bored and thought to post it all up before I go all 24/7 with my homework. haha. I don't think she mentioned the price right? Thinking back now, we should have asked. Lol, I'm kind of interested in it too, it's so cool.


rougedeluxe: Yeah I didn't expect you to stay so close by, thank you for the lift home (: Wish you could have been there!

icefrost: Will post it up in abit!

posted by

I've never swatched any of the Anna Sui stuffs before. But i love the design of their packaging. Very goth looking? Hehe!! The lipgloss in a pot is cute! I thought it was some hp keychains. LOL!

posted by

retail_therapy: It was pretty fun. Ohh! And Sandra was talking about you actually, she said there's someone called Sophia that she keeps hearing about. She's most probably going to contact you soon. (:

priscilla tay: I believe the membership is new, so don't feel cheated about it, they've just launched it I think.. or maybe it's not launched just yet but they were telling us about it. I agree, everything smells divine!

musicplayson: It does huh, purple and black is gorgeous (:

zandre: I didn't it was going to be this cheap either. I think it was 12, the makeup artist mentioned the price off the top of her head but said she was going to check. Didn't get back to us, but I'm pretty sure it should be around there.

adorebeauty06: Her nails are super pretty right! We were all admiring it. haha and she did it all herself, she was saying about how trainers have to do their own nails. Aw glad to make it seem like you were there too, I aim to try and emulate that feeling as best as I can with photos and massive rambling. LOL.

posted by

heavenlygorgeous: Yeap their stuff look very Lolita goth, so chic! Haha yes we were like what is that pendant thing doing at the makeup counter.

posted by

Yes.. I wonder why we never ask the price! lolx

posted by

everbluec: Exactly, haha. Got too carried away with the transformation. Lol.

posted by makeupmag

Hey Sara,

It was nice getting to know you better! :D Now I know whom I can pass warm-toned shades to. ;)

I look horrible in that last pic :P

posted by

makeupmag: Hi Mag! It was great meeting and chatting with you too (: If it's one thing I have learnt it's that you really like berry lip shades! haha.

Aw that last photo is your prawn mee, haha,
But no you don't look horrible in that photo, what are you talking about! :p

posted by

Mag... you look nice in that photo!

posted by

i always find that anna sui's products are super pretty in that black and purple packagaing!

$12 for the eyelash curler?! thats a big difference from the shiseido one that i planned to get to replace my old (going on 10 years! *gasps*) shiseido curler. when i bought it ard 10 years ago, it was only $15 or so, now its S$32 =.=

posted by

purplio: Whoa, talk about inflation in price! I think it should be 12, the MUA did not get back to us after she went to check. I sure hope it is, it's so pretty!

posted by

I just read the email Sandra sent us.. the eyelash curler is SD$19.

posted by

everbluec: Yeap, just saw the mail too. And it has the price of that rouge we're interested in too. Same price as a MAc lippie. haha

posted by

UPDATED with proper prices for Eye lash curler and Rouge Jar (temperature-changing)

posted by

Yeah.. and surprising that some of their products weren't as expensive as I thought it would be especially the UV base and eyelash curler.

posted by

everbluec: Yeah exactly, their Rock Me perfume was actually quite affordable. I thought it would cost more.

posted by

Yes... can go shop happily at the counter without worring about the high price tag!

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