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Audi Fashion Festival 2011: Shapes & Shadows with Shu Uemura and Redken

By Sara Kye · May 20, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Earlier this week I was invited, along with a couple other blogger pals, to attend the Shapes & Shadows show in our recent Audi Fashion Festival 2011. Not only were we invited to attend the fashion show itself, we had the privilege to take a peek behind the scenes and check out how preparation for the big show was done.


The day started at the L'oreal Academy where most of the runway look preparation took place. As this fashion show required more detail in hair and makeup, it is almost impossible to finish all that backstage.

The brands involved in this show were Shu Uemura and Redken, so naturally makeup and hairstyling played a big part in the preparations.

The makeup style for this show involved two parts, a darker smoldering look and a bright vibrant look, both of which are more avant garde and dramatic. The backstage pictures I had taken primarily feature the brighter look.

In this fashion show, Shu Uemura are also introducing their new limited edition Lash collection, Ethnocolor - A tribal inspired series. To fir that theme, the lashes are made very 'natural' looking, as if it were really put together in a handicraft manner and the colors are all bright and ethnic.

The above lashes are sold seperately but the makeup artist was going to use the shorter strip on the lower lashes. Don't those little colorful balls just resemble berries that were picked up and stuck on a lashband?

Hairstyling going on!

There was quite a crowd in the hairstyling room hence I didn't want to go in to snap pics and end up being in someone's way.

After some fun with lashes (more about that in a following post) in the model waiting room, we adjourned to Takashimaya for some dinner at Tonkichi where we were introduced to exciting upcoming Shu Uemura base products and their newly formulated Fresh Cleansing Oil - again more about all those in later entries so do check back.

Now on to the exciting part, the Shapes & Shadows Fashion show held at Tent@Orchard.

The show consisted of three different segments inwhich the first and third one focused on Redken's hairstyling with support from Shu Uemura's makeup while the second (or middle) segment focuses on Shu Uemura's Ethnocolor lash collection and highlights the bright and colorful makeup we had seen earlier.

Enough said, I shall let pictures do the talking.

Segment 1
- consists of a darker and gloomier vibe with edgy hairstyles and smokey eye makeup.

Adding some fun to the Redken show, there was on-the-spot hair styling demonstration by Philip Barwick, Artistic Director of Redken Australia.

He pinned, hair-sprayed and teased the model's hair from what was strips of hair to this:


Segment 2 - The showcase of Shu Uemura's bright-colored makeup and Ethnocolor lashes

Before the start of the second segment there was a presentation feature of the makeup artists complete with their photo, face chart and signature.

Shu Uemura takes pride in featuring their makeup artists since they are technically the star of the show.

The second segment kick started with the makeup artists making an appearance on the runway with the models.

Getting to work, they misted on the Depsea Water Facial Mist before proceeding to apply lipstick and blush in an artistic performance manner, in sync with the music.

Afterwhich, the finishing touch was putting on the Ethnocolor lashes to further play up the look.

Here are some finished looks on the runway:


Segment 3 - The final segment was a burst of color with both dramatic hairstyles, bright eye makeup and colorful flowy dresses

And quite possibly my favorite hairstyle/model of the night:

The duty of providing eye candy fell on this male model as the crowd ooh-ed and aah-ed at his appearance

After that, Philip Barwick did a second hair demonstration and this time it involved snipping off hair right there on the runway. I sure hope that is a hair extension the model has on!

The show ended off with the models, makeup artists and hairstylists all coming onto the runway and basking in their much-deserved applause.

Overall I had an amazing time that day being able to experience the upbeat atmosphere at the fashion show and at the same time witness the work and preparation that goes into it. This entry might not be able to bring the full dynamics of the show to you but I hope it's a good visual treat as to what had happened!

Some photos with the fellow beauty pals at the event.

With Sophia (retailtherapy) in the model waiting room!

With Sophia and Chantana (everbluec) seated and waiting for the fashion show to start! (photo from Sophia)

Group shot with Mag, Kas, Iris, Chantana and Sophia! (photo from Iris)

Thanks again to the lovely people from Shu Uemura, Redken and Sinkid for this opportunity, and thanks for reading!

To check out all the pictures I had taken from the event (yes, apparently this isn't all of it), click here.

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posted by dimsumdolli3

Wow. Those are really fantastic shots Sara, you might want to consider venturing into photography! Looks like you had a fun time there at the Audi show :)


your pics are fantastic! :)

posted by

dimsumdolli3: Aw thanks! I do some photography from time to time but never really fashion shoots though I'm super interested in those. Really glad that you think I have some potential, that does mean a huge load to me! hehe.

the makeup blogette: Aww thank you so much! :D

posted by

Agree with all the comments above!! Great Pics!!!!!! <3

posted by

sugarcrumb: Aww thanks! Haha feel free to take the pic of mr washboard abs here if it's too your liking ;)

everbluec: Thanks!! :D

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