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Dior Holiday 2012 — DiorAddict Ultra Gloss in Ceremony Red (Swatches)

By Sara Kye · November 23, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Almost a season behind in terms of news but come to think of it, the actual Holiday season itself isn't even here yet! Makeup releases, previews and mentions are really getting quite ahead of time!

Though that's not anything bad to complain about. I take it as... time to deliberate and prepare the bank for the damage. ha.

But back to this, the DiorAddict Ultra Gloss in 774 Ceremony Red, as released with the Dior Grand Bal Holiday Collection.

774 Ceremony Red also marks the first DiorAddict Ultra Gloss to be introduced to my stash. After having seen, heard and read about these iconic Dior members for such a long time, I finally have one to whip out when I need to!

Needless to say, the packaging is classic and very Dior.

The are 2 colors launched with the Dior Grand Bal collection, 774 Ceremony Red that I have pictured here and a sheer golden glaze, 424 Lamé Gold.

Unlike what I have seen of 424 Lamé Gold, 774 Ceremony Red has a rather pigmented base color while being strewn with bits of shimmer.

The dimensional reflects flash a certain pink, silver, purple-ish, gold and even red when it hits the light.

Well, I think I should just let pictures do the talking.

While the shimmer sounds quite spectacular, it is rather fine and serves as a soft touch so one should not expect to be able to distinguish the sparkly reflects from the usual human to human proximity.

After all, we hardly glance close up at a pal's lips even if we do love their lip color, yes?

DiorAddict Ultra Gloss comes with a stubby brush applicator that works well at controlling color placement as well the amount of gloss that is dispensed each time.

I find that each 'dip' brings about just enough gloss for a soft sheer red and if you wanted a more intense look, you may have to re-dip and dab on a slight bit more. While some may want a more intense look straight-out, I don't mind this control as it is always easier to dab on more than have too much on!

While I did mention it is creepy to view someone's lips closeup, here'a a closeup of how 774 Ceremony Red swatches on my lips anyway.

Please excuse the labeling of 'Pearl' in the images.

As you can see, the red base has a lovely pigmentation to it and it does carry a slight translucence, making the color lean a little pink on my not-so-pigmented lips. On more pigmented / redder lips, I can imagine this color being more vibrant and appear redder in tone.

The gloss itself is... well, glossy and feels plush without being sticky on. Aside from the reflects, the glossy nature of this glossy finish helps give the lips a plump and dimensional look.

As this isn't touted to be a stain of any sort, it wears like how a normal gloss would. I get about 3 - 4 hours of wear with this before it fades away with speech, food or drinks.

I noticed that it does not leave any staining effect on the lips either (upon wiping it off) and the fine shimmer bits aren't left noticeably scattered on the lips.

Hydration-wise, I don't have a comment as I do not find it particularly hydrating nor drying at the same time. Though for those with dry lips, you may find the plushness and glossiness of this quite forgiving on. Especially so with the fine glitter that does not accentuate or settle into lines.

In all, I love the formula of this particular DiorAddict and how it looks on, enticing me to give their current range a look or consider upcoming releases.

It is a pity (or blessing!) that I am not huge on glosses (very much prefer the ease of lipsticks), else I may have beelined to Dior counters for more. Though this is one I would recommend if you have some spare moolah to spend (or gift)!

Dior Addict Ultra Gloss in 774 Ceremony Red is Limited Edition and available at S$41 across Dior counters.

Thanks for reading!

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