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Event: Anna Sui A/W I - 2010 collection

By Sara Kye · August 17, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

As we are approaching the Fall season (sadly it's constantly 'summer' in Singapore), Anna Sui had pulled out a new Autumn/Winter 1 2010 collection primarily featuring new delights for the eyes. I don't just mean eye candy in terms of colors and packaging but most of their Autumn/Winter 1 (2010) launch features eye products - namely eyeshadows.

Last week I had attended the Anna Sui Tea Gathering to preview said collection. The gathering was held at The Marmalade Pantry (Orchard ION). The minute we arrived Lawrence took out the Anna Sui products for us to play with and that resulted in us only ordering our food and drinks close to 20 minutes after settling in. Tsk, the distraction of makeup...

The first thing that caught my eye about this collection was of course, the packaging. The box and the product casing itself carries the same theme. It is said that Anna Sui was inspired by a design on her furniture which brought about this stained-glass-esque design across the eye products for this collection.

A quick info about this collection before I dive into product swatches etc. The Autumn/Winter 1 (2010) collection carries 25 single eyeshadows, 7 Duo eyeshadows, 5 Nail Colors, 3 Mini Rouge, 1 Eye Brightener and a Spot Concealer (which I believe is in the permanent line, just promoted with).

I will feature most of these products throughout the entry but first, this collection is titled Autumn/Winter 1 is because there is bound to be a Autumn/WInter 2 collection. However, the second collection primarily focuses on skincare and if I'm not wrong some hair care products as well and will be out slightly later; Autumn/Winter 1 is available at Anna Sui counters.

So first, lets talk about the eyeshadows in this collection.

The eyeshadow duo compacts are of course larger in size compared to the single shadows.

Left to Right: Duo Eyeshadow, Single Shadow

Isn't that opalescent sheen to the packaging just lovely?


Eye Color Duo

These duos come with two eyeshadow shades and an applicator. The applicator does not show up well in the photos but it's inbetween the two shades. There are 7 colors in total (all featured later) but I only swatched a couple at the event.

These duos are not your typical '2 color in one compact' deal. The colors are recommended to be used together in a layering format. The color on the bottom is coated with silicon to ensure that eyeshadows adhere to it better and that it adheres to your skin well, like a base. The eyeshadow color on the top is meant to be layered over the bottom color to create a nice blended fusion.

Case in point...

From the swatches, the color on the top is typically pearlized and a lighter shade. The lower one is darker and ranges from a pearl finish to a matte/satin. The texture of the bottom color is very smooth and almost cream-product like but it is completely powder. The shadows blend very easily and are nicely pigmented.

To prove how much the base adheres to your skin, this was how my hand looked after I wiped off the duo eyeshadow swatches with a dry tissue. Not a wet wipe or anything, just plain ole restaurant serviettes.

It probably would go off with a makeup remover or some water, but it shows how the bottom color has adhering properties compared to the top color.


Eye Color (Singles)

As for the single shadows there were just too many to go through since there are 25 shades available. Lawrence did not bring them all to the swatch-fest but from those available I managed to pick out three shades I really liked.

Totally boring shades if you know my style. These shadows also come with an eyeshadow applicator each.

I totally forgot to take note of the numbers of these shadows but they shouldn't be hard to pick out at the counter. The A/W collection actually comprises of a lot more colors and rather bold colors too (as you will see later), so fret not if you are a color person.

Here's one rather interesting color I sifted out from the pack. It's one of those 'hard-to-photograph-right' shades.

Pretty pigmented stuff! I forgot to note the color number too but if I'm not wrong it should be #203 - Quartz Purple.

The textures for these were soft and smooth as well. I like how there was a rose motif engraved on each single shadow. It almost makes me not want to use the shadows from the centre for fear of distorting it. I did not remember to smell the shadows but Kas (cocomotion) noted that these were softly scented with the signature Anna Sui rose scent.


Eye Brightener

The eye brightener and spot concealer come in a similar packaging. I did not manage to get a shot of the spot concealer at the event, but this is how the eye brightener looks:

It functions like a normal highlighter and is not reserved to purely highlighting the eye area. You can use this on your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, whatever you fancy.

The consistency of this is rather liquid and easy to blend out. The amount you see on my hand is probably sufficient to blend out the higher points of your cheeks. In the smaller photo you can't see the sheen very well unless you view the image in full size. I find the highlight to be very subtle. I guess it might not show up very much on fairer skintones, either that or you'll have to layer it on.

This product reminds me of L'oreal's Touche Magique, which in turn reminds everyone of YSL's Touche Éclat.


So far everything mentioned is going to be (or already is) in the permanent line. This batch of eyeshadows will replace the older batch of shadows Anna Sui had, so they will be around for awhile. The next few items though are limited edition, so snatch these up while you still can!


Mini Rouges - Limited Edition

A limited edition item in this collection, these Mini Rouges are available in the permanent line...

-cue past photo-

(photo from first Anna Sui Blogger event)

BUT the limited edition ones come in a fun limited packaging and shade.

It comes in one more shade, a lighter pink not featured here.

I had talked about these before so simply said, it's lipgloss in a pot with an adorable rose design. Though if I were being honest I did like the black ones more since the chain is a blackened silver. That's probably just the OCD judgement of mine, wouldn't it be adorable if the chains were tinted the shade of the gloss packaging too?


The last limited edition item would be the nail polishes and Lawrence did not bring it to the tea party so these were shots taken at their roadshow set up.

Nail Color - Limited Edition

There are 5 shades being launched with this collection.

Kas was very hardworking and had swatched the polishes on a piece of plastic. I conveniently shot the swatches after she was done. heh.. Thanks Kas *hides*

Extreme left color (black) is in the permanent line, not promoted with this collection.

Rounding up this collection, here is the pricelist for everything mentioned and some photos of the Roadshow setup they had at Wisma Atria over the weekend.

Eye Color Duo - SGD51
Eye Color (Singles) - SGD35
Eye Brightener - SGD37
Spot Concealer - SGD37
Nail Color - SGD24
Mini Rouge - SGD33

Eyeshadow galore! All 25 eyeshadows and 7 duos (at the far right)

Close up shot of the 7 duos available.

While browsing the eyeshadows, one shade caught my eye. I don't remember this shade being present at the swatch-fest (at Marmalade Pantry) but it's such a gorgeous black. Almost reminds me of NARS's Night Flight but with silver and pink sparkles too.

Eye color in 004.

And here are some group shots at the events, photos are courtesy of Iris (rougedeluxe).

Mag, me, Chantana

Photo op in progress! Models being the nail polish,

And a final group shot with our Goodie Bags.

I'll blog about what we had gotten in the goodie bag in a seperate post since this one has gone on for long enough.

Thank you for reading!


I am not affiliated to Anna Sui.
All thoughts expressed are my own and I am not being paid for this.

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posted by

I'm amazed how a different will be produced when the 2 initial colours are mixed for the duos! Haha.

posted by

musicplayson: Yeap exactly! It's almost like a trio seeing as how sometimes we would probably use the two colors separately with other shadows etc. haha.

posted by Adeline.E

I have always been a fan of Anna Sui's packaging but I never gotten the chance to try it out.
Looking forward to your goodie bag post :D

posted by

Aww lucky you! Seems like these kinds of events happen quite regularly in Singapore, wonder if they do this anywhere else? Can't wait to see what you got in your goodies bag! ^_^

posted by

I love the smell of this stuff!

posted by

Have they launched the collection yet?

posted by

@Kas, why you so fierce?! :-) Love your photos, they are super clear! I've asked to exchange for #203, can't wait to try it :-)

posted by

oh dear.. the combo of both duo eyeshadow is amazing..
and i love how u point out the single eyeshadow #004..

it is sooo pretty!! i didnt knew anna sui is able to come out with such great product.. and the packaging is so pretty!! gosh!

posted by

ok this is so wrong!! i am missjology dear :)

*knock knock onsugar!!

posted by

cocomotion: Haha yeah that was quite scary, lol, couldn't help it but to hide X) Ooh maybe the purple-blue one didn't make it to that side of the table, I thought Christy was photographing it there, not too sure. But yeap didn't manage to browse all the shadows at Marmalade Pantry too.

Adeline.E: Ooh you should give them a try if you want to. They do stand a little pricey to me, but I guess it's all worth it if you think about it. I mean packaging wise and also the consideration of detail like the rose scent, the engraved motifs etc.

Layla88: If you mean other countries, that I'm not too sure of. Though it seems like it's quite common over here to hold like preview gatherings and stuff.

posted by

roseannetangrs: Same here (: The rose scent is just so nice!

kate yeo: Yeap, from what I know it's available already.

rougedeluxe: Haha, she's fierce right! Lol. Aw thanks. Ooh I see, can't wait to see you use it in a LOTD! It's a gorgeous color but I don't think I would use it very much.

missjology: Aww, onsugar went into glitch mode again ): But yeap their shadows are really pretty. I remember looking over the 25 shadows and all of a sudden zooming in on that black one. It just called out to me with the sparkles, so pretty~

posted by

i like the packaging :) hmmm, not a fan of the nail polish prices though, at $24 each, i could get about 2 zoyas ;X but i love the picture of the single eyeshadows when placed together, very pretty & colorful (:

posted by MacaronTea

I'm amazed how the duo colors go together! The color combo's are amazing and some of the colors are just to die for. Looking forward to tracking a few of these down.

posted by

It's a really fun and relaxing gathering! (I decided to keep all colors and exchange the concealer only)

I kinda quite interested in the eye brightener! lolx

posted by

teaplayground: Yeap that's true. The price of the polishes is something to really consider since that's more pricey then the retail price of OPI here and their colors are more focused on the glitter/sheen instead of a solid nail color.

MacaronTea: Yeap, especially the green and purple one. I was just wondering how that would work together, turns out its quite pretty!

everbluec: Haha same here, as in not changing anything in the end. I could make do with the colors given and the concealer happen to be my shade. Oh and it seems to cover really well. Used it once to date, but from what I can remember its quite good.

posted by

yeah, i guess asians brands of nail polishes are always more glittery/for layering rather then straight out color. due to the kaiiwaii factor brought by the japs and the taiwanese girls? lol. btw, i find the duo eyeshadows that can be mixed such a cool idea :)

posted by

teaplayground: Ooh yeah, similar to some of their eyeshadows sometimes! Like they tend to focus on that while the westerners typically go for pigmentation. haha.

cocomotion: Haha. Yeap it was quite a striking color, easy to kind of 'zoom in' to I guess.

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