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Event: A Look at Beauty Asia 2013

By Sara Kye · February 26, 2013 · 0 Comments ·

Beauty Asia 2013 is currently underway (from the 25th - 27th February) and I had the opportunity to drop by with Mag (of makeupstash) yesterday and make a quick round!

For the uninformed, Beauty Asia is an annual beauty trade show. In fact, it is one of the most established trade shows in the region and caters to the beauty, spa and health industry. The exhibitors present are usually distributors whole-selling products at a 'trade-rate' to trade professionals or new brands seeking local acquisition.

For more information about Beauty Asia' and its exhibitors, do visit their website!

This year's show, which marks its 17th apperance in Singapore, was held at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre over at Marina Bay Sands.

Since the interior is rather typical of an exhibition with simple booths and such, I will skip the overall venue shot and go straight to some highlights and snippets that I took from the show.

Of course our very first stop once we entered the Halls would be... Hakuhodo, no less.

While the initial buzz of Hakuhodo's attendance at the fair created some stirrings and excitement online, we later learnt that the brushes while available to see and touch, were not for sale. Apparently the brand's purpose to partake in this trade show is to source for a local distributor to bring the brand to our shores (ahem anyone listening? Heh).

I would admit it is a slight bummer but yet this means more saved here! Though I cannot say that with conviction because my physical encounter with the brushes has got me setting my sights on some!

Kokutan Series (not all)

S100 Series (not all)

Face brushes from the J series? I can't be too sure.

Itacho brushes from Japanese Traditions Series

The Kinoko brushes – how adorable are they!

After this little 'look-see' session at the booth, I think I have ignited a lemming for the G5553 (2mm) Round / Angled and Maple Kinoko Brush White (Large). I mean... how can you resist the Kinokos? They look so soft, fluffy and pet-able!

Until a local distributor picks up the brand, you can currently acquire Hakuhodo brushes via their USA website – HakuhodoUSA.

It actually isn't bad to order there either considering their shipping is relatively efficient and quite affordable (sans tracking). Though of course, there is nothing like being able to (hopefully, eventually) shop for them in person and get them straight away!

Another stop at the show to give a brief mention about would be this interesting Rubber peel-off mask.

The samples they had out looked a little like dough, coupled with their zip-lock packaging, I almost assumed this store carried an ingestible beauty supplement.

While I can't speak for its usage, Mag and I gave it a shot on the back of our hands and walked about half the show mindful of not letting this drip on ourselves and our bags.

While I was terribly intrigued with how it sounds and looks (flubber, anyone?), after sampling it on the back of my hand, I can't say it left much of an impression on me.

Or rather the only one it did was the immensely long drying time which sadly would not work well in my schedules.

I did not read into the science of it but based on how it felt alone... I couldn't detect how it had helped my skin. Oh well.

Moving on, the rest of the fair covered aspects from hair products to hair equipment, skincare products to skincare machinery, false eyelashes to eyelash extensions (read Charlene's experience with lash extensions at Beauty Asia), makeup products and of course not forgetting nail polish, nail art and nail supplies!

Phew, now that is one long sentence! Those who are really particular about English, please forgive me there.

Check out this mind-blowing Nail Art!

Sha-Nail Nail Stickers – See their Facebook album here

SUR INC's polishes

SUR INC 'Print' Manicure Sets

NfuOh polishes!

Odyssey Nail Polishes (from Odyssey Nail Systems)

Cuccio Colour Nail Polishes

China Glaze for S$3!

Star Lash Lashes! Just cause it was easier viewing them this way!

A whole wall of Star Lash Lashes!

That would be all the pictures I managed to snap, with my camera, at the show because most of the time it was too hectic jostling with the crowd in tiny spots and of course being too distracted with the multitude of brands available. Unmentioned here, there was also Zoya, Orly, Deborah Lippmann, OPI, Nail Tek and lots more!

While I do my nails solely for the fun of it (nothing professional), I couldn't help but feel both, in awe and tempted to purchase whole-sale packs of nail buffers, cuticle sticks, files and such. Though of course reason got the better of me.

Why would I need 20 (or more) blocks of nail buffers?!

Eitherways, I walked away from the fair with a seemingly humble haul and certainly a great experience. More about my haul in another entry!

I am thankful for the invite to event and of course glad to head out, after so long, and have a little fun with great company – thanks Mag!

I know that I am hardly ever this efficient with my entries these days but I had a little help with baby and decided to take this time to snap up a batch of products and churn this out too! Who knows when I would be able to have spare time on the computer again so I figured to throw this up before it gets too passé!

Next challenge: The haul entry! Heh

Thanks for reading!


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posted by

Hi! Is this event open to the public? :)

posted by

raehearts: Actually... I am not entirely certain because my impression is that it is open to trade professionals and media only however there is also word that the public may register (business card registration) before entering. The best would be to check on beautyasia.com.sg :)

posted by Fenny Yolanda

too bad that I can not come ;(
But i asked my friend to buy some for me lol...

for public entry, you can come and do the registration in front of the main gate :)

posted by

Fenny Yolanda: Ahh I see, thanks for the info about public entry! And aww pity about you not being able to make it!

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