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The Fun Stuff — Silver and Gold Makeup Looks (with Poh Heng X Minnie Mouse Limited Edition)

By Sara Kye · November 30, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Oops, excuse the long title but here's another installment from the series of Poh Heng x Minnie Mouse Limited Edition. Though don't steer away if you have seen enough of that mention in the past 2 entries because here comes the fun part...

After being thorough with the official press information and quick feature of the Poh Heng x Minnie Mouse Limited Edition Collection, I thought I would take a break from all that and do what this blog was created to go on and on about – makeup!

Just to clarify, it isn't that the pendants are not fun but rather the 'fun' in this is just for my sake. Where I get to harness a wee bit of makeup creativity, which I haven't done in forever, and pull some looks together based on what I have gathered from these pendants. It's somewhat like college projects all over again with a little thinking and some 'hands-on' involved.

Taking a rather predictable route, since I had a 22K Yellow Gold pendant and a 18K White Gold pendant (partially referred to as silver in this entry because of color but the pendant isn't made of silver), I figured why not do makeup looks with these 2 shades!

I could do the runway-rage version which is sweep a gold / silver eyeshadow all over my lid with either zero brows or super dark brows (think Chanel S/S 2013 Runway Makeup?) but I don't think my features suit editorial / high fashion looks without looking queer. Plus, I wanted to play around and brush up on bolder looks, hence this!

While they are on the drama or 'heavier' side of looks, I wouldn't say they are completely unwearable either! Especially with festive parties coming right up, these could be fun to wear for a dressed up and glammed up occasion!

Because I want to keep this faintly artistic, I am doing all the rambling right now and the following will (as much as possible) be pictorials!

I shall let the pictures, and some words, do the talking!

(for all images - click to enlarge!)

I had a plan to mimic the different finishes on the pendant – the matte finish along with the sparkly diamonds. While the silvers swatched with obviously different finishes above, sadly, on the eyes the difference in texture and sparkle wasn't that discernible.

Thus, for the look while I wanted to keep it silver-focussed, I injected a bit of blue (on the very outer edge) just to give it a little something.

Without further ado, here's the silver / white gold look.

Since there is so much silver-bling going on on the eyes, I kept the rest of the face matte and shine-free with Diorskin's Nude Liquid Foundation though I did dab on a slight sheen with MAC's Mineralized Blush in Ring of Saturn for a lightly flushed look.

Since silver eyes are quite a 'light look', I went with a red tone on the lips using Dior Addict's Ultra Gloss in 774 Ceremony Red. It's a lovely hint of red without being too bold and intense.

Here's the full look along with the Minnie Stellar Petite pendant!

Incase you are interested, on my eyes:
Urban Decay Primer Potion, Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadow in 32E, MAC Mineralized Eyeshadow in Bright Moon (for the 'matte silver'), Shu Uemura Eyeshadow in G Silver (for the 'bling-silver'), Majolica Majorca Palette in BR742, Shu Uemura Eyeshadow in ME Medium Blue 686, Sleek Palette in Storm, Clio Professional Brush Liner in Black, Giorgio Armani Waterproof Smooth Silk Eye Pencil in Black, Helena Rubenstein Lash Feline Waterproof, Random Falsies.

And that is the Silver / White Gold look down! Moving on, I have a Yellow Gold pendant to showcase and yes, you guessed it right, this calls for a Gold look!

This look is a whole lot more straight forward and I figured for such a classic thing like Minnie Mouse and a Rose, why not go for the classic Black and Gold combination!

If you follow my looks, you would know I don't exactly fancy working with a huge amount of black or dark eyeshadows because they tend to be messy and leave me prone to making a smokey mess. Though with this, I really tried to keep the lines clean and the look well blended.

Overall, I am glad with how it turned out and though it looks simpler than the Silver / White Gold look, it actually look me longer to do!

The eyelook made me feel so festive I decided to go with a glowy complexion using Make Up For Ever's HD Liquid Foundation along with a light dusting of ELF's Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder in Luminance. To stick with the golden luminance, I used Sleek's Powder Blush in Rose Gold.

For the lips, since the eyes are so bold, I kept it neutral (yet not dead nude) with Diorific Lipstick in Diorling. A complete coincidence but I realized that in both looks I used items from Dior's Grand Bal Holiday 2012 collection.

And here's the finished look with the Rose pendant!

And for this look, on my eyes:
Urban Decay Primer Potion, Burberry Eye Definer in Midnight Back (outer-edge outline), Majolica Majorca Frozen Splash Eyes in GD821, Maybelline Eye Studio Quad in Venice Carnival, Everyday Minerals Loose Eyeshadow in Gold medal, Rhomlon Eyeshadow in Black, Sleek Palette in Storm, Clio Professional Pen Liner in Black, Giorgio Armani Waterproof Smooth Silk Eye Pencil in Black, Helena Rubenstein Lash Feline Waterproof, Random False Lashes, Dollywink No. 4 Feminine Style False Lashes

Since there was so much black going on, I had to layer my falsies to better frame my eyes and chose to stick on Dollywink's No. 4 Feminie Style for added length and wispiness.

On the left you see the 'Random Lash' and Dollywink No 4 separately and on the right, how it looks when layered.

Alrightey, so those are the 2 looks – a silver for 18K White Gold and a gold for 22K Yellow Gold!

Since I mentioned that these pendants are versatile and can be worn as a necklace or double up as a bracelet charm, here's a random shot featuring both the pendants (Minnie Stellar Petitie and Rose) worn as bracelet charms!

And if you aren't already sick of my face through this long post, you can hop over to Poh Heng's Minnie Mouse Limited Edition page and catch me there too!

Clickity Click!

While you're there, why not do a personality quiz and find out which Minnie Mouse Limited Edition pendant you are most suited for?

You may just be the daily winner of the Limited Edition Minnie Tote Bag or be super lucky and even walk away with the pendant you are matched to!

So.... phew! What a long entry this has been!

It was certainly one I was quite excited about because of the fun I had while doing up these looks. From thinking what sort of dramatic looks to pull, to putting it together and chosing pictures after! I am certainly no professional in makeup and my slew of neutral looks have left me slightly rusty so I hope these don't look too bad!

And most of all I hope you had as much fun scrolling through this entry as I had putting it together!

Thanks so much for reading and looking!

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posted by Joy M

Your makeup artistry is amazing! Love your eye looks! Original and beautiful. You're so talented :)

posted by

These 2 looks are really really nice!

posted by

Thanks loads everyone! I had fun putting the looks together :)

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