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Goodies: CLIO Professional Art Collection (& Twisturn Turnliners)

By Sara Kye · December 20, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

I had plopped a quick shot of this on instagram when I retrieved them on a home-home visit (p.s. if you don't already know, I now stay with the boy and my home is called home-home) and haven't got to featuring them till now.

My bad!

This entry was actually pre-drafted before baby arrived but I wanted to properly proof it once more before live-ing it, which is right now hence the super late mention!

I'll dwell into the Art Collection in a bit but first up, a quick look at the Waterproof Twisturn Turnliners!

Available in 8 shades from defining shades to jewel-like tones and brighter accent shades, the Twisturn Turnliners are twist-up liquid liners which according to CLIO have amazing long-lasting properties.

Here's a look a swatch (not mine!) of the shades available:

Shades are:
Star Silver (1), Star Gold (2), Brown Earth (3), Urban Khaki (4), Stage Navy (5), Night Purple (6), Club Black (7) and Urban Black (8).

Of the lot, I received Night Purple and Urban Black to try out. Though looking at the swatches, I am intrigued with how Club Black looks and I think Star Gold would be so perfect as an accent liner in many different looks.

I don't normally read instructions when it comes to makeup, especially for things like liquid liners, but if you are using the Twisturn Turnliners for the first time, instructions are actually very handy!


Because these liners require you to do more than the usual of open and twist!

So, you first remove the tape....

Then you remove the protective ring followed by 'snapping' that gap (where the protective ring was) shut.

Make sure that the gap is connected properly and shut all around so the product doesn't leak!

Once you have done all that, you can go ahead and start using the liner! From here on it should be pretty straightforward, twisting up as much as you need and line away!

I didn't twist it up to use for these shots so here's a look at the clean brush but I'll share my thoughts on the liners soon.

Before I move on, check out the Twisturn Turnliner CF to see them in all their party spotlight, glitz and glam along with the brand's (forever flawless) spokesperson, Lee Hyori.

I swear, that lady never ages!

<iframe src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/8x2XUgQYtcY?rel=0" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="360" width="480"></iframe>

Now, away from the loud party scene and bold lights to something a little more abstract and serene, the CLIO Professional Art Collection.

While new to me, CLIO's Art Collection has been around since 2005 and have worked with various artists, reflecting their unique art pieces as part of a graphic and funky product packaging.

Due to the fun and artistic look of these, this range has become an instant best seller and it's good to know that we now have this much talked-about Art Collection on our shores!

So here's a look a quick look at the items I have on hand.

Art Lipgloss (S$23.90)

Containing Vitamin C and E to help protect and nourish your lips with use, the Art Lipgloss is available in 6 shades from peaches to pinks.

The one I have here is A122 Glow Orange and unlike the color stated within the name, this is actually a lovely peachy-pink shade.

The Art Lipgloss is packed with flecks of shimmer and has a nice amount of color to it, definitely far from going on colorless.

The gloss has a nice shine and does not feel sticky or heavy on, providing a subtle plushness so you don't feel the grit of the shimmer bits.

Every item from the Art Collection features a piece of work from an artist and you will be able to find out more about it (such as the artist's name or piece name) from the box!

Art Lipstick (S$23.90)

CLIO Art Lipsticks are infused with sunflower oil and kernel oil to help keep the lips moisturized and plump. Though don't let that fool you into thinking that these lipsticks are mushy and buttery because while they do glide on, they feel quite firm as well.

The 6 shades available are an assortment of pinks, corals and beige with 1 of them being a red.

The shade I have here is Grace Pink (26) and while it may look more like a beige above, it does swatch a fairly light pink-tone when on the lips.

Art Shadow Trio (S$25.90)

With an oven-baked formula, these CLIO Art Shadows are available in both a duo and trio option. Though the one I have here is a Trio in the shade Forte Gold Black (416).

Described as silky and smooth, I beg to differ a little as I found the texture residing on the drier spectrum though thankfully it doesn't swatch chalky and picks up just fine.

The pigmentation isn't intense but that is expected with most oven baked formulas. Though there are some pretty stellar ones out there, this isn't it yet it's not all bad either!

For what it is worth, it is perfect for the usual Asian makeup trend of translucent and sparkly shades with subtle definition.

Art Blusher (S$33.90)

Probably my favorite of the lot (and favorite to a few mentions I have seen), the Art Blusher is made up of luxurious pearl pigments and is also an oven baked item.

Maybe because this is a blush / cheek item, the oven baked concept works a whole lot better here seeing as you need not (or rather prefer not to) pick up a large amount of product during application.

Available in 4 shades, I received Peach (1) which I pretty much love as this sort of shades are what I reach for most often.

The texture is not exactly creamy but not considered dry either and while there are golden glits and bits embedded within the marbled swirl, these don't seem to cause unnecessary fallout or mess during application.

And a quick shout out to this thoughtful and decent inclusion, the flat brush found within the Art Blusher.

While it isn't a show-stopper, the flat brush is nice and convenient with extremely soft and gentle bristles.

I actually found myself brushing this on my skin absent-mindedly in the midst of the photo-op.

The only fault with it would be that it could be denser, especially for something that comes with an oven baked product (which doesn't pick up as easily as pressed powder items). Though it works good for quick sweeps while you're out and I guess that is what matters!

So that is my not-so-quick run down of the CLIO Professional Art Collection and Twisturn Turnliners (grr, always have to slow down while typing this).

I had a chance to put together some items, or rather all the items (except for Night Purple Turnliner) for a quick look so that will be coming up shortly! This one isn't pre-drafted (heh), so I'm still writing bits and pieces of it when I get the time!

Thanks for reading!

Products were provided to me for review consideration.
I am not affiliated to them and all opinions expressed are my own.


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