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A Hello + On My Nails: OPI's Unfor-greta-bly Blue

By Sara Kye · November 11, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Hello folks! It's been awhile, I know and I am terribly sorry for my disappearance on here. While most of you may know, you can follow me on twitter or instagram for quicker updates and to know I'm still alive and well! :)

While I haven't posted pictures of myself (on here) in a bit, here is a glimpse of my hand in this nail swatch.

I know, lame but hey, it's to signify I'm still running this!

I figured I had bore-d you all enough with my swatch-journey through what I hauled from the OPI Germany collection so I painted this on with no intention to snap pictures of.

Though what started as a move to slap something quick on my nails turned out to be yet another OPI Germany swatch entry!

The minute this color went on my nails, I was just so in love with it – and I don't entirely love dark jewelled blue shades either.

I do fancy this color, which is why I hauled it to begin with, but it's not the usual gorgeous holo or cutesy pastel that catches my eye so I was caught off guard by how attracted I was to it.

(with flash)

(with flash)

This shade works well with a single coat but for the swatches in this entry, I applied 2 just to make sure that I completely masked the nail bed.

And because I think nail shots with my phone are just as good, here's what I snapped while waiting for the dreaded bus to work. Why dreaded? Well, if you check my twitter feed on select mornings, you would probably see my early morning tweet-complaints about commuting, Heh.

This color, like Danke Shiny Red, reminds me of a car's paint job – so chrome yet littered with specs of shimmer. How pretty!

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great Sunday!

I have loads of posts in mind to put up, some with pictures snapped, some without but for the most part my brain hasn't been co-operative of late and I draw a blank each time I try to draft something. My pals call it the pregnant-brain, where you get scatter-brained, slower and not as smart but pshhhh, I don't believe that.

Though it may seen true....

But oh well, more stuff on here soon and I am trying to churn them out as quick as I can before baby arrives!

Thanks for reading and hope noone gets a case of the Monday Blues tomorrow!


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