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Introducing the New Nude – Diorskin

By Sara Kye · August 21, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Nude is the new way to dress up, by Dior's standards that is and fashion-wise, it's hard to decline the invasion of Nude. Nude shades, I mean.


Who would have thought that the term Bold and Nude would be synonymous within the makeup realm.

Perfecting the Art of Nude, Dior drew inspiration from the minimalistic styles on the runway and brought their take to the beauty counters through the form of products to replicate that soft, sheer and natural appeal.

Like silk or cashmere gliding across the runway and figure-hugging pieces that show a peak of skin at all the right places, Dior has embodied that bare caress of material across the skin through the form of makeup.

In an effort to amp up the radiance, glow and beauty of our skin without abolishing the natural trait, the Dior Laboratories took to studying the skin's components.

With a new technology and formulation enriched with ingredients from natural origins and the exclusive 'Nude Glow' pigments, Diorskin Nude continues its research into perfecting perfect skin in a form that is more natural than ever.

The key elements found within this technology from Dior would be – Nude Glow pigments, a binding agent and water.

Nude Glow Pigments –

For greater glow and truer color, these pigments have a transparency and photo-sensitivity to them. This allows them to enhance the skin's natural luminosity and allow it to glow through both a natural and artificial (think glowy pigments) form.

Binding Agent –

A binding agent holds the formula together and plays a key role in the texture of the foundation. The binding agent here is of a natural origin, containing fatty acids that are similar to the epidermis (our skin layer), allowing the formula to blend effortlessly with our skin. This fatty acid also provides hydration so the skin remains moist and hydrated, allowing it to better reflect a plump and luminuous complexion.

Water –

While seemingly bizarre to list water as a key ingredient, the water used in Nude combines the virtues of mineralized water with a new floral water. This beauty water works upon the skin, like a skincare benefit, with joint-powers of mallow and hibiscus to enhance the skin's hydration, glow, elasticity, and provide a smooth and even complexion.

The entire focus of the Diorskin Nude range is to replicate the natural form of skin with an enhanced luminiousity and glow.

On top of that, it also works with a virtue to perfect the skin, keeping it hydrated and smoothing out the complexion so while you look as if you have enhanced skin, there are ingredients working behind-the-scenes to enhance your skin.

After a run-down of the idea, inspiration and also key elements within this new Diorskin Nude range, let's see the products that will be launched with.

Diorskin: Nude Fluid (S$70)

The star product in the Diorskin Nude range, this liquid foundation is the backstage secret to creating that flawless enhanced nude look that is envied by all. This product creates a shine-free look, natural glow, with a bare-skin effect.

Diorskin: Nude Compact (S$90)

Differing from the classic compacts that deliver a matte finish, Diorskin's Nude Compact gives the skin a natural radiant finish, dishing out coverage without masking the look of skin. Due to the ultra-fine powder particles, one can alter how natural or made-up they wish to look. The powder also has the aid of micro-pearlisers and opalescent powders for a natural glow.

Art of Color – Nude Shimmer (S$70)

For more spotlight on the skin, Dior introduces Nude Shimmer. Featuring a fine blend of micro-pearlisers within a transparent base, this highlighter captures maximum light and gives the skin a 'wet' and 'glowy' nude look.

Art of Application – Brushes (Liquid S$82 / Powder S$104)

Achieve the professional nude finish with the newly introduced Fluid and Powder brushes. Designed for your varying preference in coverage, some brushes offer a fuller application while others a lighter dusting of product (be it powder or liquid).

Fronting this Nude movement by Dior is the gorgeous Natalie Portman. I don't want to ruin this entry with a fangirl moment but since Star Wars, I have always loved how Natalie Portman carries this air of elegance regardless of the role she takes on.

(seems like Dior is picking up on all the hot babes! Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman)

And this wraps up my introduction to the base portion of the Diorskin Nude collection. Along with the Nude theme, Dior is also putting out some Dior Vernis Nude and Rouge Nudes which you can read more about on The Makeup Blogette.

I am currently giving the liquid foundation (Nude Fluid) a whirl and will share my thoughts once I have gathered them.

Thanks for reading!

Some information and pictures featured were extracted from a press file (with or without paraphrasing).
Opinions and thoughts otherwise mentioned are my own.


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