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Introducing – Poh Heng x Minnie Mouse Limited Edition!

By Sara Kye · November 21, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Tis the season for gifting or making up wishlists! Almost, that is!

If you have not decided what to get for yourself or a special woman / lady in your life, why not give these glamourous little pieces a look. Who knows, you may just be attracted to one... or more!

While not part of any festive or Christmas promotion, this collaboration between Poh Heng and Minnie Mouse happens to coincide somewhere close by Christmas, throwing more gifting options out there for the male species!

Poh Heng, the leader in Gold jewellery, has been partnered with Disney as the first official jewellery licensee in Singapore since 2003 with a working relationship that is still going on strong!

The first Poh Heng x Disney venture would be the ever-popular Disney Baby range, which is perfect for gifting during the Chinese 1 month old baby shower custom.

Though in this entry we are not talking about childs play but rather a collection that draws contemporary style, girly elegance and fashionable feminine elements from one sole icon – Minnie Mouse!


Minnie Mouse —
Having been around for 84 years, ever since her debut in 'Steamboat Willie' in 1928, it is quite amazing that Minnie Mouse still retains a classic iconic image yet is fashionable and contemporary enough to keep up with the times! Imagine being 84 years and still relevant to a large crowd from kids to adults, cartoonists to fashionistas. That is certainly not an easy feat!

With that, Poh Heng's partnership with Disney aims to roll out an limited edition collection that exudes Minnie's sparkling personality (literally!) while adding a touch of glamour to the girly, feminine mix.

The 8 different pendants available, ranging from size and glitz / glam, embodies various aspects of Minnie Mouse, be it Minnie herself or trademark icons of this stylish character.

The pendants are versatile in their wear and can be worn as a necklace or doubled up as a chain of charms, making them adaptable to the mood, occasion and outfit!

Intriciately crafted, the pendants are available in 2 types of gold — 18K White Gold with Diamonds or the high karatage 22K Yellow Gold. Both of which have a nice mix of matte and polished finishes to give the pendants some dimension.

The 6 pictured above are additions to the permanent collection (ranging from 1cm - 2cm in pendant height) so if you are not sure if you want these for Christmas or perhaps a birthday next year, these would most certainly be around for you to consider!


The following 2 pieces, available in 4cm pendant height (longest of the lot), are Signature pieces and are Limited Edition with only 100 pieces each!

While a little indulgent in terms of price, if you are feeling generous, these would be a great gift for someone you hold dear.

After all, girls are mostly particular about owning something special, different or not commonly found hence the limited 100 pieces of this would do just that.

Minnie Fashionista (4cm) - S$3,000  / Minnie Stellar (4cm) - S$3,300


If forking out that much is quite a bit to take out of the pocket, Poh Heng does have alternative pendants that are still classy, feminine and delicately glamourous.

For those who are fans of Minnie Mouse, you may find yourself quite taken by these adorable miniature adaptations of Poh Heng's Minnie Signature Pieces.

Minnie Fashionista Petite (2cm) - S$820 / Minnie Stellar Petitie (2cm) - S$880

With a lovely mixture of matte and polished finishes (along with Diamonds for the 18K White Gold Variant), these capture Minnie's charming personality, feminity and grace with a girlish demeanour.


Apart from being outrightly Minnie, the Poh Heng x Minnie Mouse Limited Edition also features pendants that pay homage to Minnie's unmistakable style.

Extracting important and representative elements of Minnie Mouse, we have four dainty charms for a classic dose of Minnie personality yet still diverse and subtle enough.

Rose (1cm) - S$650 / Peep-Toe Pumps (1.5cm) -S$650
<span style="color: #888888;"><em>Bow (1.5cm) - S$750 / "M" for Minnie (1.3cm) - S$650


If you ask me, I think my favorite of the lot would probably be 'Minnie Stellar Petite', 'Rose' and the 'Bow'.

Though I do wish my name started with the letter 'M' so I can wear the "M" for Minnie pendant because while being 18K White Gold from the front, the back portion of it is actually Yellow Gold, making it almost like 2 pendants in 1!

The Poh Heng x Minnie Mouse Limited Edition will be available at all Poh Heng stores from November 2012 on.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for some fun stuff involving these pendants!


Some information and pictures featured were extracted from a press file (with or without paraphrasing).
Opinions and thoughts otherwise mentioned are my own.


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