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LOTD: Sweet Lilac Blues (Featuring Eye Rockz!)

By Sara Kye · June 26, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Hello all!

So I have finally gotten around to posting this LOTD that I had mentioned about almost a month ago. I do have more free time on my hands now since I'm done with my projects and have graduated (in terms of the ceremony and all). I am still running around sorting out post-graduation stuff like the exhibition event but that sure leaves me with more free time then working on projects.

More about my graduation and some other news in another blog post. I'll get that up once I'm really done with school for good!

In the meantime, this was the look that I wore to the Magnum Gold?! Party.

I had decided to whip out some Eye Rockz mineral eyeshadows that I had been sent as during that period I was stuck in a neutral rut and wanted some color. I had also not been able to try out the Eye Rockz shades yet, so this was a perfect opportunity.

Product Used:

Monistat Chafing Relief Powder-Gel (primer)
Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation
LUV Setting powder

K-Palette Brow Liner

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer
MAC Delft Paintpot
Eye Rockz Pigment in Sweet Lilac
Eye Rockz Pigment in Mysterious
Revlon Colorstay quad in Nude Elements (middle 2 shades for crease - and highlight color)
MAC Powerpoint Liner in Engraved
Majolica Majorca Lash Bone Primer
L'ancome Fatale Mascara

LA Girl blush in Spice
MAC Beauty Powder in (highlight)

Canmake Lip Concealer in 02
Majolica Majorca Lipgloss in PK313

ighlighted products had been provided to me by companies/distributors.

I don't think I have swooned about how pretty a color I think Sweet Lilac is. I don't own many lilac shades since (according to what I have seen) they seem to be quite rare. It's hard to find one that isn't too pale or too magenta-purple, but I feel this shade is just right!

In this LOTD I applied it over MAC's Delft paintpot and I love how the color had transformed. A quick foreword, this color is quite hard to photograph. This was as close as I could get, but in person there is a smidgen less blue in the color.

I'm definitely loving this combo for a blue or cool-toned smokey eye without sticking completely to a blue palette. You can find Sweet Lilac on this page of Eye Rockz and Mysteriously Blue on this page.

Eye Rockz has included some new shades to their range so be sure to check that out - they ship internationally! They have also made a facebook fanpage so hop over and 'Like' the page if you haven't!

I'll update more about the new colors in a later entry as Vaun had been kind enough to have gifted me a few colors of my choice. Also, if you're thinking to pick up either shades I'd suggest you hold your horses a little! Discount code coming up very soon (:

Thanks for reading!

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posted by

nice lotd! i actually prefer the colour with delft as base :P
anyway, great to see you back! :D

posted by

rainyydays: It seems to become a periwinkle shade instead, another rare color to find! haha. Thanks for the welcome! :D

posted by

The colors are beautiful together......pretty lip color too. i will def be on you blog ;) please follow me on my fashion blog vannoybfashion.onsugar.com.

posted by

Sweet Lilac look really pretty~ (it's even more pretty when seeing it in person!)
From my memories... Mysterious was much darker (maybe cos of the dim light at the boathouse)

The combo look really pretty.

posted by Anonymous

I love the pop of lilac in the inner corner !

posted by

Ronisha119: Thank you, was trying to go for a nude but not with the typical lip colors I use. (case in point: NYX Round Lipstick in Circe)

everbluec: Indeed, the blue does seem a little darker and smokier in person, I guess it got a tad washed out in the photos but oh well, the gist is there! haha, thank you (:

Anonymous: Thanks!

posted by

Welcome back! Looking forward to your future posts (: I like that the eyeshadow shows up differently on different bases (:

posted by

missed yr lotds Sara, pretty as always! ;)

posted by

pretty eye colors!

posted by

icefrost: Thanks for the welcome! :D Yeap I was curious and laid it over Delft, was surprised to see it actually become a different color altogether!

amyrleex: Aw thank you. I miss doing LOTDs too! :D

uneekunique: Thanks!

posted by

i like this look on you :) pretty! didn't expect the 2 colors to work well together, but turns out it does!

posted by

Wow! The lilac is so pretty! Really is pretty on your lids. I've yet to use any mineral eyeshadows yet, I wonder if its messy when you're using it?

posted by

teaplayground: Thank you! Same here, I assumed the colors would just blend into each other and not work out, but thankfully it turned out alright!

posted by

miwitch: I don't find it especially messier to work with. I think so long as you pack the colors into the brush well (by pressing the colors on the lid so it is really packed on) you wouldn't have to worry about fall out. Granted you have to be a bit conscious when handling the container so you don't spill it. Otherwise, I don't feel it's messier (:


It seems to become a periwinkle shade

posted by

This look is great! It's amazing how different Sweet Lilac looks when swatched over Delft

posted by

ladeekim: Yeap, it's almost like a totally different color!

posted by Monster beats

i have tried many times .but never do like you done so beautiful..

posted by

I love them. Wonderful!!!i don't think I need so many luxurious things.but I also like them on the other hand. So beautiful!! I love it!! Thanks for sharing.Thank you!!

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