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Magnum Gold?! Party

By Sara Kye · May 31, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Hello everyone!

I was going to post this entry coupled with something else like the makeup look that I had for that day since this is not a makeup related event. In the end, I decided that I would just entitle this to an entry in itself. After all I find that events like such 'connect' you to a brand, it seems to give them a personal touch depending on how they handle their events.

Sinkid, the PR company that hosted the Anna Sui event awhile back, had invited us bloggers to attend the Magnum Gold?! Party, a new ice cream inclusion to the Magnum brand. I suppose this was an official media launch where there were a good number of photographers and videographers present.

The event was held at Waterboat House and it was both an indoor and outdoor event. There were some activities going on indoors, while the main event was held under an outdoor tentage on the balcony of the Waterboat House.

The indoor layout:

If you have seen the television advert for Magnum Gold?! the theme of their campaign would be apparent. The whole spy-activity Mr & Mrs Smith style, which is rather innovative in the advertising industry. To fit in that theme, they provided instant mug shots for all guests that attended the event!

Photos are developed on-the-spot at a counter to the side.

Here are some instant shots I came home with:

A little publicity stunt for icyabstract X)

And a group photo sans Mag (makeupstash), she was off somewhere and we couldn't find her for the shot.

L-R: Iris, Kas, Jenny, Chantana, Me

Digressing from shots of the event overview, here is how the balcony looked. The stage there was were most of the hosting and main events occurred.

The outdoor spot was strategic as the backdrop was just lovely. I didn't manage to capture a shot featuring the Singapore Flyer, but here's one from another angle.

As night fell, there were some presentations and talk, where they mainly introduced the Magnum Gold?! ice-cream. It was cited that Singapore is the first asian country (thus far) to have Magnum Gold?! launched in stores. After the introductions, a waiter was seen wandering around handing out gold bars.

Aside from the dinner buffet we were also treated to sample the Magnum Gold?! ice cream. Since I didn't manage to get a shot of it at the event, here's a google imaged photo of how it looks:

source: http://thatsnoice.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/magnum2.jpg

Edit: I don't think that Magnum Gold is Limited Edition here. It's probably just the photo I'm using. The packaging here does not have that LE sign.

The ice cream comes in a golden coated chocolate outer layer and creamy vanilla ice cream laced with caramel on the inside. I know there's sea salt somewhere in that mix but I truly don't taste it. The ice cream was delish! I especially loved that creamy thick vanilla ice cream. Though I don't have an ultimately sweet tooth - I do like my coffee black, and abstain from lollipops - this could hint a bit sweet for me. But nonetheless, it's addictive, I can tell you that. Those with a sweet-tooth, this baby is calling your name! ;)

Here are more photos from the event.

Me, Chantana

Me, Chantana, Kas

On a slight superficial/fangirl mode, one of my highlights of this event was getting to meet ex-MTV VJ Utt. I must admit I'm not that big a fan but when seeing him in person, he is so friendly that you just automatically became one. I managed to take 2 shots and I really don't know which one turned out better because of odd lighting and such so I'll be a little narcissistic and post both up.


We left the event sometime around 10, or possibly even later. Iris had to head off while the rest of us trooped over to the Merlion Park (is that what it's called?), snapped some artsy shots and retired at a nearby Coffee Bean.

I don't even want to mention what we were talking about at Coffee Bean but it kept us entertained for a long time. We were eventually 'chased out' of Coffee Bean due to their closing hours.

Attendees of the Magnum Gold?! Party were handed some really cute door gifts. The party was travel-themed, so we received little golden passport styled notebooks and a luggage tag. Even the invite resembled a boarding pass!

Check out Iris's post where she features the inner pages of the passport. They definitely put in a lot of effort to make it look realistic!

All in all it was a very different event from the ones we typically attend but it was pretty fun all the same! A big thank you to Sandra and sinkid for the invite.

I'll post the LOTD that I wore to this event soon, I'm quite excited about that because I tried using colors that I had received from Eye Rockz and I love how it turned out. More about all that soon.
Thanks for reading (:

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posted by

WOW.. I was so lazy to update it!!! Seeing the group shot at the coffee beans remind me of the stuff we talked about! All thanks to Mag for the topic! lolx

posted by

looks like fun!!! i did a LOTD inspired by Magnum Gold... muah hahaha!!!
I didn't know Magnum GOld was limited edition!! What's with these LE food items???!!! hehee...
Anyways, i wished it wasn't LE coz it's one of the only Magnum that i like.

posted by

everbluec: I was kind of lazy too so I put it off for so long. haha. But decided I might not have time the rest of the week so I should get it up first. Aha, omg yes Mag supplied the super interesting topic X)

hazelnutt: I don't actually think the ones here are Limited Edition. It's probably just the photo I used because the packaging here doesn't have the LE sign on... I hope it's not LE too! haha.

posted by Adeline.Er

Utt is sooo good looking, you lucky girl =)
Magnum Gold looks pretty hectic!!!! Wonder if they have it here in Sydney. Caramel + Chocolate = Two of my favourites!!!


posted by

Looks fun! :D Oh you must be very tall! Utt is only a few inches taller than you in the photo (: I dying for an magnum gold now!

posted by

OMG, UTT!! XD I'd be fangirling and super excited if I were there XD

posted by

Oooh, i love the scenic shot you took. lol i feel like using it as a wallpaper

posted by

Adeline.Er: He is indeed! He's better looking in person (if that's even possible!) or maybe it's because he's so friendly that it's charming. haha. I'm pretty sure they should have it there! (:

icefrost: haha aw, I'm really not tall. I was wearing heeled-boots that were probably 3 inches high, so that might be why. He's not exactly super tall either... so yeap X)

noppi: We were definitely trying to keep ourselves contained. There was a group of girls that kept going up to him, talking and all. Poor guy couldn't eat his food.

zandre: Aha, awww thanks :D

posted by

Woohoo,Magnum Gold..I am dying to try one now..I love Eye Rockz eyeshadows!They are gorgeous,seriously!Utt is really sweet!I met him twice at a roadshow.. :)

posted by

Wow! Looks like a great party! And i love the view shot of the Esplanade. Awesome! And UTT is yummehhhh... :p

posted by

the party looks fun :) i'm definitely gonna get a magnum gold to try, it looks yummy :P

posted by makeupmag

Hey there, dear! Thanks for the link and for the photos! May I use them? Will link to you, of course! :) I haven't gotten down to writing my post about the party but I will soon!

You looked great in the Utt pics - he was so nice, ya?

As for the Coffee Bean 'discourses', heh heh heh. :D I had an amazing time. Thanks for being such great company. *HUGS*

posted by

wow! Greg looks as yummy as the ice cream.. hehe!

posted by

Haha yes Utt was super friendly and nice - sacrificing his dinner to take photos with everyone approaching him. haha.

aizutto: Yeap the Eye Rockz shadows are gorgeous. Shall get to posting the LOTD once I find time to! :D

heavenlygorgeous: Aw thanks! :D

posted by

rainyydays: Go try it! It's pretty much sold out at the 7-11 at my place. haha. Was so surprised when I couldn't find it when it was there a couple days ago.

makeupmag: No problem, go right ahead and use them! (: And aww, I had a great time too, thanks for your company! And all the fun you supplied for us at Coffee Bean. haha, so unforgettable. X) *hugs!!*

amyrleex: Ooh, Greg? haha.

posted by

i'm on an ice cream craze right now, i just spent about $20 on ice cream the other day, bought many of those cone ice-cream, those are expensive though, around $2.80 for 1 :( Magnum gold was too sweet for my liking as well :( gee, for $3.90, i expected better, but oh wells, at least i tried. Wow, i'm sure Utt is a charmastic guy, you look great in the picture :)

posted by

teaplayground: Wow that must have been quite a bit of ice cream! I agree, the price is just a bit insane, I was telling my mom how much it costs and she was saying how that was incredibly pricey just for gold ice cream. haha. But oh well it's nice to indulge in once in awhile? :D

posted by

I love those boarding pass invites. Great idea!! :) Love your photos too :)

posted by

giannabanana: Thanks! The idea of boarding passes is so unique indeed!

posted by Cz

Ah!! Magnum GOLD! but magnum gold abit too sweet le... No offence to magnum GOLD's fans ^^

posted by

Cz: true! It's a bit sweeter then I would like but it's strangely addictive at the same time. haha, to me at least.

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