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Maquillage True Eyeshadow – BR722 (Swatches)

By Sara Kye · November 20, 2013 · 0 Comments ·

Along with True Rouge, Maquillage has also rolled out 3 new True Eyeshadows to their range this Fall.

The palette comes packaged in a beautifully sleek compact that had me feeling a little dumb for a little while - I wasn't too sure where to 'press down' so it would open.


In actual fact it's far from complex and that lovely golden tab, engraved with the brand name Maquillage, is the clasp to hold down and release the palette. It's a beautiful presentation I must say - very sleek and classy with a feminine touch.

For Fall, the three shades that Maquillage had put out are varying degrees of neutrals - all very wearable and very beautiful.

The one I have to show here is BR722, the cool-toned neutral of the bunch.

To help with application and to give you some pointers, the Maquillage palette comes with an instructional sheet that designates which pan goes where on the eye, when laid over the palette. I thought that was quite clever.

Though I am one who doesn't refer to these color placement charts because I feel it doesn't always suit my eye shape.

Or maybe I am more accustomed to my own methods.

Though if you're interested, here's the step-by-step.

The end result is a soft gradient of color that adds just the right touch of sophistication and color to the eye. I really wish I could work and pull off a gradiented look as such.

(click to enlarge)

When it comes to the palette, this has Maquillage's flair all over it - perfection, quality and ease of use.

<p>If you're not the sort who wants loads of eyeshadows and are seeking to invest in one quality palette that you can use day in and day out, this is one to look into.

Or if you happen to want to gift a close friend / family member with an item that exudes quality and yet isn't something too intimidating for makeup-newbies, this could be a good choice too.

Of course I don't have to list the reason why makeup fanatics need this because... well, why not?

The shadows are powder and packed densely, yet they feel very smooth and creamy to the touch.

They pick up well with both fingers and a brush and blend seamlessly into together; it makes blending an eyelook together a dream. I personally like that the shade selection gives me an option of deciding how light or smokey I want my look to go.

While BR7222 is of a cooler tone than the warmer coppery sibling palette (BE323), this one isn't overly ashy or taupe-y and would be quite lovely for, though not limited to, fair ladies.

I used to be quite the fan of coppery warm brown palettes but during my blonde hair days, I felt that cooler taupes and plums seemed to work better for me.

Typical to most Japanese eyeshadow palettes, this has a pearly, irridescent and slightly translucence to its shadows. Most of them have some pearly shimmer going on, except for one shade which is a smooth satin wash of color. I believe that shade would work best as a natural-looking brow-bone highlight while Maquillage suggests it be used all over the lids as a base.

In comparison to the usual Japanese shadows, these do carry more pigmentation and the colors have their own definition, rather than all appearing similar once swatched.

I can't recommend this enough because I know pictures doesn't do it enough justice. This palette needs to be seen, swatched and felt in person for you to truly understand my praises.

I have used it consecutively for a week the minute I got it only to remind myself to share my love and give my other shadows some use as well.

Retailing at S$69, this is a nice gift option for that one friend who loves wearing neutrals. If that one friend happens to be you, start putting this in your wishlist!

Thanks for reading!

I'll try to snap a LOTD with this soon but from the camera lens, how far off can this be from my usual neutral looks right? It's really a swatch-it-to-believe-it situation.


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