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Mini Review: Benefit Erase Paste

By Sara Kye · February 12, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

This entry is titled mini review as I will be doing a review of this product based on a sample I have received. A sample doesn't change the way a product works, I know, but it's not quite the full experience at the same time? Take for example watching a movie in your normal (no surround sound) living room versus a movie theatre. It's the same movie, but not exactly the same experience... if that makes sense.

The product sample I am reviewing is Benefit's Erase Paste. I was given this sample by the lovely Sophia (retailtherapy) back when she sent me some Benefit goodies from her major Benefit haul (3 links in one sentence, go me! Lol). I have since been asked to do a review on this, so here is what I think about it thus far.

The sample itself comes in a cute, but honestly not very practical packaging.

The shade I have is in Shade 02. In all, there are three shades available, a lighter one and a darker one.

Why I say the packaging is not practical is because it is quite difficult to squeeze the concealer out without getting too much out, and it just feels that wastage is bound to happen. So what I did was I dissected the whole thing and transfered the product into a jar.

Though I'm sure the highlight of this isn't to see how I best used my sample, so let's move on to what Benefit describes the product as:

  • "This concentrated, creamy concealer brightens and camouflages in one easy step! Targets dark circles, discoloration and imperfections.
    Three shades with brightening melon undertones to suit every complexion.
    Comes complete with a fully illustrated, step-by-step lesson and mini-spatula for easy application."
    - taken from Benefit Cosmetics


I have used this concealer about 4-5 times and I would say it is not quite an all over face concealer. It has rather strong pink undertones (as you can see from the photo above) so unless you have more of a pink-ish undertone on your skin, I would not suggest using this as a blemish concealer. I have browsed around other sites and checked out their other shades and it seems those too have a slight pink tinge to them.

I suggest using this product as an undereye corrector since it is pink based, and does sort of remind me of Bobbi Brown's Corrector in BIsque (the more pink-ish one). I can't say for sure because I don't own Bisque, but correctors that are pink-based are said to help neutralise greenish undertones. So if you have dark circles that are more green-based then blue-based, this product could work for you.

I personally do love it as an undereye corrector and alternate between this one and my Bobbi Brown corrector in Light Peach.

Now I'll just break this entry down in point form so it's not so lengthy.

  • I do love the coverage. I would say it's pretty good and would classify it under medium to maybe full coverage
  • The texture is creamy and quite thick, not runny. Almost like what it is called, a paste.
  • It's not drying at all and instead feels a little moist. It does have enough 'stick' to adhere to your skin
  • Since it's creamy I can imagine that it would settle into fine lines, but it's not stubborn to the point it wouldn't budge. Just lightly running your fingers over it when it settles will smooth it back out.
  • You definitely have to take a bit of time to blend this one out since it is quite thick. I recommend using your fingers instead of a brush.
  • When used on the undereye, I feel that it does somewhat lightly brighten the area a little (read: no you wouldn't get that '2 shades lighter concealer' undereye look)


Here are some pictorial comparisons/experiments:

The first is the coverage test.

Before. It's quite appropriate to be using this since it has a bit of a greenish undertone to it.

After! Look at that coverage! And can you spot that slight brightening effect?

And here's showing you how pink-based it is compared to my skintone:

Now comparing it to my MAC NW concealer. (MAC's NW range is said to be the pink-toned range while the NC range is more yellow-toned)

Benefit Erase Paste vs MAC NW25
As you can see Erase Paste is slightly more pink then the NW concealer, and putting them side-by-side like this almost makes the NW concealer look beige rather then have pink-undertones.


Thus far I personally do like Erase Paste, and might even consider re-purchasing it sometime in future for the purpose of an undeye concealer/brightener though I'm not sure of the price tag it comes with... I might just buy it online when I need to since Benefit is rather marked up here.

I would not recommend it to anyone who is looking for a multi-purpose all over face/eye concealer unless as I've said you have a rather strong pink undertone to your skin. I have tried it as a blemish concealer and I guess with proper blending and all you could get away with it, but there is always a fear of getting pnk patches if say your foundation wears out first.


Overall Rating: Fail / Pass / Merit / Distinction / High Distinction

Coverage: 5/5
Texture: 4/5
Blendability: 3.5/5 (just cause it's a little thick and takes awhile to work in sometimes)

Would I purchase the full size? I probably might.


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posted by

I remember it cost about SD$56+ at the counter (cos during that time I was deciding between this and boi~ing)

I'm searching for a peachy tone concealer... so Bobby brown have it? (Lolx... I'm so out of topic)
I heard great stuff on MAC studio sculpt concealer... it said that it have the ingredients that will lightening the undereye's dark circles and reduce the redness from our acne scars.

posted by

everbluec: Holy cow! 56? Wow, I was expecting it to be around 30 something, but 50 something in my terms is quite costly! Yeap Bobbi Brown has a corrector in a pinky shade and also a peachy shade. I went to the counter and they matched me with the peachy one, though I'm still quite interested to try the pinky one.
Oh yeah I do want to get my hands on the Studio Sculpt concealer eventually. haha.

posted by

Lolx.. it's so expensive to get benefit stuff in Singapore!! The boi~ing already cost $41 "shake head"..

Hmm.. interesting.. I think I will get MAC first.. cos I have been thinking about it for sometimes already! lolx (then try the bobbi brown one ^__^)

posted by

everbluec: Yeap I would say if you're deciding between a concealer and corrector get the concealer first. Correctors can wait I guess (:

posted by

I was previously using the Erase Paste too. Love the awesome covergae for my undereye circles but sometimes I find it a wee bit hard to wrk with. Thanks for the review! :-)

posted by

Yeah.. I also think that corrector can wait! lolx

posted by

eclecticsatire: No problem (: Yeah it does take a bit of patience to blend sometimes, something I encounter with the Bobbi Brown correctors too because they are quite creamy and thick.

everbluec: Yeap! Oh and I think it's 41SGD, if you're wondering, (the bobbi brown one)

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