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On My Nails: Polka dots!

By Sara Kye · August 13, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

I’m not the biggest fan of polka dots as far as clothes, bags and personal belongings are concerned (I’m more of a stripes person) but when it comes to nail designs, these are just too cute!

What’s more it is so simple to do a polka dot manicure and you really don’t need any professional tools, though there’s no harm owning them as well. In my case I used a sewing pin, the ones with a ‘ball’ / rounded edge on one end.

For example:

(image from google)

You can use bobby pins with a rounded edge too if you don’t have a dotting tool but for some reason all my bobby pins disappeared on me.

For this combination, I used 2 Butter London polishes – Primrose Hill Picnic (gorgeous fuschia) and Muggins (pastel purple).

You can get Butter London locally at Arglyduckling with each bottle going at S$23. Thus far it's one of the best places to get a good variety of Butter London polishes locally!

Sadly I left Muggins loosely capped for a good while so the polish had gotten thick and stringy but that’s nothing a little Seche Vite Restore can’t… restore! However my bottle of Restore was at home-home so I couldn’t rescue Muggins in time for the manicure.

I believe Primrose Hill Picnic is the first bright fuschia polish that I own and while it is absolutely gorgeous (and a dream to apply), I wasn’t used to a hot pink on my nails and felt that dotting on some polka dots to retro-fy this would be cute.

Now that I know how simple and fuss-free it is to polka-dot-ify my nails, I think I will be doing this a whole lot more often with various color combinations!

Thanks for reading!

Do you love polka dot manicures?


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So innovative of you to use sewing pins to dot! Nice cheery color combo!

posted by

You can use toothpicks too! Just that you may want to create a hard round layer with polish first to create bigger dots! It works pretty nicely when you want different-sized polka dots!

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She Shops Makeup: It's so cheery and maybe a little too cheery for me to have on for a long time but it definitely cheered up my Monday!

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neftachan: Ohh yes I read about using toothpicks but I wasn't sure how to go about doing that since the tip is so small! But I will experiment and play around with!

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sugarcrumb: Just googled that, lovely shade! Though I hardly reach for reds but it's pretty, still. And yeap I do have some acrylic paint lying at home, I could try using those once I get my hands on them and I was also toying with the idea of using brush ends! Except I was afraid those may be too big dots but I guess it could work!

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sugarcrumb: Ooh varying dot sizes, why didn't I think of that. And yes, you should try marbling again!

posted by Anonymous

Hi dear, may I know where could you get Seche Vite Restore in Singapore?? :) Otherwise, how do you get them? :) Thank you!

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