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Outfit/LOTD: Boyfriend hoodie

By Sara Kye · January 11, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Hello again!

Hope 2012 has been a pretty smooth sailing year for you all thus far.

10 days into 2012 and the year is picking up on it's pace; that means busy nights and busy days! The Chinese New Year break, that most look forward to, really isn't helping sitting right smack at the end of January. That aside, as I've said I'll try to be regular with posting but if the pace comes to a sprint I'll have to leave this space behind for awhile and recollect it later! I'll never forget it of course *pats blog*

Being busy isn't always a bad thing, at least it beats not having anything to do?

So, back to this! There is the boyfriend t-shirt so why not the boyfriend hoodie right?

As you know, I quite like going around stealing clothes from the boyfriend and from the brother, so this probably shouldn't come as a surprise. My 'outfit' tag has also been sitting there tagging miscellaneous entries, so I figured why not post up an outfit!

Outfit entries don't always have to be shiny and glamourous, there's still fun in showing what I slouch in on no-meeting work days!

I wish I had this huge a mirror at home!

I'm thankful that my company doesn't have a strict dresscode policy so I could go to work in my PJs if I wanted, though that could be pushing it. However this sort of looks like it too, no?

Outfit breakdown
The hoodie is rightfully my boyfriend's from Topshop.
Pants I'm wearing underneath are from LOEF
Shoes from Converse

This is a more outfit-centric entry and the makeup I have on isn't anything you guys haven't seen before.... but I'll post it anyway.

Instead of the full details, here's just a highlight of some key products I used linking to their previous mentions.

FACE: Cezanne Powder Foundation (still can't get over how flawless it appears!)

EYES: Revlon Spice Quad

CHEEKS: Laneige Styling Romantic Blusher in #2

LIPS: Mac Peachstock, Stila Vanilla gloss over.

Lastly, just because I can't help it.... here's how the Cezanne Powder Foundation looks at the end of the day, no touchups, just blotting.

I want to say a part of it is probably credited to my skin for co-orperating with me these days and being on it's best behavior. It's just so much easier to work foundation on a smooth skin surface and have it look effortless/flawless, even when we're talking about powder foundations.

Of course this isn't without effort... I believe the exercise that I've been undertaking, as part of my 'be healthy/sporty' resolution in 2012, is partly responsible for this. I don't want to start a random ramble about exercise here but I've slowly grown to like how it helps with not only make me feel physically better but mentally as well. It makes my mind more alert, if anything. Like I said I wouldn't ramble on so I'll stop here!

I hope you don't mind rambly entries because while I love typing up information laden ones too (like reviews), rambly posts are that bit more therapeutic to do.

Do share if you've stolen clothes from your boyfriend, brother, male friend or dad!

Thanks for reading!

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posted by

i actually like digging out my brother's tees to wear! especially those that are like.. tight fitting for him.. then it becomes like just nice for me or something? haha (:

posted by

Love the look!! Hoodies are the best! xD

posted by

Love your hair, the outfit and the rabbit! Very cute <3 =D

posted by Nisvain

Worry not! You're not the only one stealing clothes from the brother and boyfriend :P I loveeeeeee wearing my brother's clothes. Hehehe, it's just so comfyyyyy

posted by

dooey89: Haha yes same! I have taken a couple of my brother's tops, especially his racerback tops cause he's outgrown them but they fit me.

x3ASweetAffair: Thanks! And yeap I agree, I really could live in hoodies if I had a choice.

posted by

miwitch: Thank you! The rabbit ears have proven pretty handy be it as an accessory or to jab people with X)

Nisvain: Yeap, I agree! It's room-ier for days that you just want to wear something comfy and slack in.

posted by

hahax! Jab people with the ears? thats so funi.. kekex~ XD

posted by

miwitch: haha yes! It's very handy, like an extension of my arm and I recently used it to press the lift buttons when my hands are full. Lol

posted by

hahhax~ so many creative ways to 'use' that rabbit ears! really very funi, now make me wana get one too! Then we can have sword fighting with the ears already. kekekx~

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