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Ramblings: Underrated Eye Primers

By Sara Kye · April 24, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

So... I was finally checking through my Bloglovin feed and chanced across a Temptalia sharing post, asking readers to share which eye primers they felt were too overrated and which were underrated.

While I may have my own answers to both categories I think the main point here is underrated primers and I thought I would briefly talk about 2 that immediately came to mind. I don't have a formal review mapped out for these mentions but I have tried these two primers and think if you are in need of a primer and don't want to spend a whole ton on the big boys out there (UDPP, TFSI and many more), you can start here without feeling like you are losing out too much.

Very brief summary mentions based on how they worked for me!

1. Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer (haul entry)

I made a mental note to review this product but somehow, along the way I finished using it up and thew the bottle out. Hence, no proper comparisons and reviews

Though with my past experience and what I recall of it, I remember this being a pretty awesome primer. I would say it functions more or less the same way that Urban Decay would on me though perhaps with a slightly shorter wear time if we are talking about keeping makeup on for over 12 hours. Though otherwise this lasts fine on me day in and day out, keeps shadow creases at bay and the works.

I purchased mine from Koreabb for S$12.90 but it seems they don't restock this anymore. Though you can purchase it for one or two bucks more in Etude House stores.

Main gripe about this? The odd shaped bottle. It's always the bottle! However this bottle is a lot firmer so I wouldn't think of trying to chop it open. I did however try angling and slanting the doe foot applicator over time.


2. ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer (mentioned here)

I was gifted this item so to be honest I never considered giving ELF eye primers a try. Ever.

The main reason would be, like mascara, I fear test driving primers in the scenario that if they crease or just... screw up, the whole look would pretty much be ruined. The whole day would be ruined too. Melodramatic but isn't that the concern for most of us?

So I first tested this on days where I wore light makeup for a short period of time and found it performed quite well. Seeing that, I tested it even more and ended up rather impressed with how this holds up and works as a primer. In comparison to Etude House, I would say the bummer of this is that the shadows have a tendency to lose a bit of their glitz (say if you are using a sheen / shimmer shade). Though the plus side is, no disastrous creasing or smudging of the liner, at least for me.

At USD3, I honestly didn't expect much but am pleasantly surprised. The tube looks puny but the product blends very easily, which means you don't need that much each time.

Well, that's about it for this rambly and random mention. I thought I would share some lower range primers I have tried and recommend, instead of always highlighting my love for Urban Decay through my LOTDs.

Though I can't be assured that these will work for everyone because, as we know, even Urban Decay doesn't work for everyone.

While afraid to test new waters, I'm still intrigued so...

Do share what are some primers you love be it budget finds or high end splurges!

Thanks for reading!


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good to know that there are alternatives to UDPP and TFIS out there :) I'm tempted to try the Essence primer (",)

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hazelnutt: Ooh if you do try it let me know how it goes! :D

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