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Random: Going Animalistic & Rambly Chatter

By icyabstract · January 6, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

If you clicked through a text link thinking it would be a 'wild' look or perhaps a leopard print something then... Oops, my bad!

As the title says it's really just random and about a quick picture I snapped a couple days ago.

I've been doing more 'personal' rambly entries these days as I've got some time on my hands to churn out entries and when I have that I like to just... talk! It's mainly periods where I hardly have time to blog that my entries seem infested with brand provided products/mentions but even then I like keeping this space as my own. A slightly unpolished journalistic documentation veered towards makeup, clothes, all girly things alike instead of just everything. By unpolished I don't mean blah stuff, I try to word myself as best as I can with decent images but rather... I try not to lose that 'blog' feel and become too much like a zine, if that even makes sense!

Enough of my rambly chatter, here's that random photo that spurred this post.

I thought it was quite funny that what I had/wore that day related a tad to 'animals' so I snapped a quick picture.

The owl ring is from this haul and the hoodie I have on is a actually my brother's. I have the same one in blue except my brother's is a size larger so I like to slouch in that. See the this entry for my hoodie.

Last but not least (wow this is rambly)..... YES, 'RABITO'

I'll be honest and say that I had scoffed at these bunny ear covers and ever said I'll never get one for myself but look at me now. My defence? The ears are really quite handy and the tail as a stand is a great prop especially if you're seated at the computer for the whole day.

The covers I have are obvously not the real deal, which costs more then twice the price, but it functions the same way. I got mine from a pushcart store in cineleisure (right outside Artease) as recommended by Kas. It's S$10 a piece and S$15 if you get two, hence the above.

They (the copies) are all over Gmarket as well so it's quite easy to find them.

While they are cute to prop up while at work and at home, I still find a need to change it out of this casing on days that I have meetings... just cause.

Thanks for reading!

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Haha! Cute esp the last pic!!~

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miwitch: Haha yeah it's so cute standing!

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