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Random: Paper Lashes... on the lips?

By Sara Kye · March 7, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

This would be the point where my love for kpop meets my love for makeup. It's definitely not uncommon to see makeup in kpop especially when guys are proudly parading around in it almost all the time, foundation, eyeliner and the works. Which, just for the record, I actually like. Yes, I think there's an appeal to guys wearing makeup, eyeliner especially.

My point being... while watching Big Bang's latest MV in all it's 1080p glory, I noticed this!

I know.. pretty whacky makeup on GD (guy pictured above) but that's not the point. When it came to a close up, I realized these fuzzy black lines aren't just... fuzzy black lines!

A slightly color-tweaked close up incase you still can't see it.

I felt they were quite familiar and searched the first thing that came to mind and the first image that popped up under the search of 'Paper lashes' is this.

(image credit: paperself)

Well, unless there are mocks in the exact same design running around, I'm pretty sure its the same thing. It's Paperself's paper lash in the design Small Horsie (ponies).

It's quite an interesting touch but for this design at least it's best admired from a pretty close distance else it will be, as what I first assumed it was, squiggly black lines. It's still a pretty cool take on these paper lashes and at least now I know if I ever need to spruce up a lip look more than what lipstick and gloss can offer, I can consider this whackiness. Though I would most likely think of Violent Lips first. I can imagine it would be uncomfortable doing any normal activity with these on, speaking included?

Now that I know what the actual design of it is... I'm sorry GD but your striped lip look isn't as bad-ass anymore. I mean, horsie. Really.

(credit: found this on tumblr)

That aside, the above screen caps are from Big Bang's latest MV, Fantastic Baby which I think is honestly quite fantastic in terms of sights and visuals, if the song isn't your thing. As you know, or might not know, I love Big Bang and thus will praise everything they put out so I'm not touching on the music here.

Look-wise, here are some other pretty snazzy makeup looks from the music video, aside from the usual foundation + contour + thin eyeliner that most kpop guys don.

Not too obvious in the scaled down image above but TOP (guy in teal hair) has on a nice red-brown smokey eye going on, simple yet still something.

Can't help but comment this, I'm really loving GD's hair this time around (guy featured first). He pulls it off so well, I mean he pulls everything off well but this hair somehow channels some Davey Havok vibes, which might be why I like it so much...

Regardless, thanks for putting up with this random mention, till the next entry, here's the MV if you wish to give the song a listen.

<iframe src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/AAbokV76tkU?rel=0" frameborder="0" height="255" width="500"></iframe>

That aside, Paperself (paper lashes) is available at Watsons and Sephora though I'm not sure if Horsie is available. Will have to go give that a look.


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posted by

I freakin love them! :D hahahahaah:B

posted by

maeeraODayy: The lashes or Big Bang? ;P

posted by

G dragon has a great style but I liked him more with simple black hair! It's funny to see he has horsies on his lips when it's supposed he should appear sexy XDXDXD

posted by

make-up-deer: Exactly right! But when it comes to GD, nothing is really a surprise. He has pulled almost all sorts of whacky styles. I liked his hair during Tonight promotions the most!

posted by

I thought they were the violent lips tattoo! but wow. you have an eye for detail :D btw i can't decide between this song and bad boy! love both like crazy! :D

posted by

redpicturesque: I thought they were squiggly lines or something, haha! Until it zoomed up and I felt it look insanely familiar and did some research. Then again, it means admitting to watching the video at 1080 in full screen. LOL!

Bad boy is nice but it's between this and blue for me! Love love them!

posted by zafybangx9

fyi he looks cute in that eyelash horsie wtf ?u ass

posted by GDforever

i love his hair this way, for me it just defines him so perfectly. and like you said, he really pulls it off too..i really bummed that his hairstyle has changed again now :(..i prefer him to look like this, so bad-ass kkk

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