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Shu Uemura SS2013 – Blossom Dream Collection (Swatches)

By Sara Kye · January 31, 2013 · 0 Comments ·

Kicking off 2013 to a magical, feminine and colorful start, Shu Uemura introduces Blossom Dream, their Spring Summer 2013 Makeup Collection.

Inspired by the softness of florals along with the vivid tones of life springing up across meadows, fields and clear blue skies, Shu Uemura's Chief Makeup Artist Yuji Asano draws up Blossom Dream to help translate this blossoming landscape into shades, shadows and tones.

This collection sees the release of:

  • 3 'Unmask' Eyeshadow Palettes (limited edition)
  • 2 Drawing Pencils (limited edition)
  • 5 New Glow-on Shades (new release)
  • 2 Rouge Unlimited (limited edition)
  • 2 Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte (limited edition)
  • 3 Gloss Unlimited (limited edition)
  • 2 False Lashes (limited edition)

Typically I would do a general press feature (with press visuals) followed by a closer look at products I have on hand but due to my time constains on the computer, I will have to direct you to Sophia's very informative entry for all press information! Thanks Sophia for the entry and hope you don't mind the reference!

In this entry, I will continue with a showcase and swatch of the items I had received from Shu Uemura's Blossom Dream collection.

Sadly, none of these have been put to use in a LOTD yet (somewhat expected?) but here's a mention nonetheless, along with a distant promise that hopefully I get to play with them soon!

Starting off this entry, here's a look at one of the star products of the collection, the Unmask Eyeshadow Palette.

Unmask Eyeshadow Palette - S$98

Available in 3 shades, the Unmask Palette pink, blue or green, these palettes house shadows that have a smooth and matte-like texture to them. To tie in with the softness of Spring, these matte-like textures are refined and smooth to the touch, lending a certain softness to the look.

The case design had me guessing if it was glow-in-the-dark but sadly it is not. Though it's still an interesting piece of art nonetheless.

Of the 3 shades, I received the one in Pink.

While I am not one who relishes wearing Pink, I have to say upon dissecting the colors within the palette, it is actually very wearable by my terms!

The pinks included here are not daunting and if that mid-tone shade really isn't your thing, you can easily pull a beautiful warm (and soft) neutral look with the rest of the shades involved.

Just a random thought I had to myself but, the mid-tone pink could even double as a blush if you were trying to compact your makeup selections, easily making this an eye and cheek palette to tout about. The only down-side is the small pan-size since it is an eyeshadow so you may have to tip-toe around it with your blush brush!

Here's a swatch of the Unmask Palette in Pink.

While of a matte-like texture, I don't find the shadows particularly chalky and they all pick up with good pigmentation and no kick-up.

The only shade I could have some beef with would be the very pale pink since it may look chalky if you don't blend it right but otherwise, it's quite hard to go wrong!

Moving on from pinks, I have a Rouge Unlimited Lipstick in Dark Beige.

Rouge Unlimited Lipstick - S$33

The 2 Limited Edition Rouge Unlimited tones lean towards the neutral / orange side while the Rouge Unlimited Mattes released with this collection are pinks.

The Rouge Unlimited Lipsticks are housed in the usual packaging without any addition art to them.

Dark Beige, as the name goes is... well, a dark beige-ish shade that makes it work well as a neutral and easy-to-wear lip color. It has hints of a neutral pink in it, to add some life to the overall color.

The Rouge Unlimited Lipsticks typically have a mild gloss quality to them while having a decent pigmentation pay-off. While this color wasn't as beige as I would have liked, I am not complaining and it is still a lovely one to wear.

I don't have lip swatches now but I will use it in a look sometime down the road!

Last but not least, we have a blush to complete the look!

Shu Uemura Glow On (Blush) - S$33

Here, I have the Glow On in P Soft Coral 332 which in person, actually appears more pink than coral to me.

The 5 new shades launched with this collection came in a range of Pearl and Matte finishes with Soft Coral 332 here being a Pearl.

The pearlescent glint in Soft Coral is very mild but I suppose it would add a little something when worn on the cheeks.

This shade is also a rather pale yet warm pink on my skintone but it can be layered for a stronger show of color.

While right off the bat I may have assumed that Soft Coral 332 isn't my sort of color, I have grown to like how easy it is to wear.

You can hardly go wrong with it since it has a soft pigmentation and when used lightly, gives a beautifully natural flush – almost like you are not wearing any blush at all!

A little randomness but since this is a little 'home-less' blush pan, I have since gave it refuge in a quad I had hauled sometime back.

It used to house 2 eyeshadows and a Glow On but it is now purely a Glow On palette!

A very handy one to tote around too since it contains a soft natural day blush on one side and a more intense one (P Medium Red 175) on the other side if I need to 'switch up my look'.

For the fun of, here are quick swatches:

So that wraps up my entry and you have absolutely no idea how glad I am to finally complete this! I swear, it has been sitting in my drafts since the start of 2013!

Anyway... I'll throw a LOTD of this up as soon as I can!

The Blossom Dream Collection is already out at Shu Uemura counters! Grab it while stocks last!

Thanks for reading!

Products (except for the quad and P Medium Red 175) were provided to me for review consideration.
I am not affiliated to them and all opinions expressed are my own.


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