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Skin 79 Diamond Collection Workshop

By Sara Kye · August 4, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

A few days back I had attended a Skin79 workshop. I was invited by Pearlin and the event was held at The Icing Room, 313 Orchard branch. The venue/layout of the shop and the brand was pretty much a perfect girly tea-party match.

I have talked about Skin79 on my blog before, when I attended a preview session organized by StarAsia (distributor of Skin79) a few months back.

Skin79, is a leading Korean BB Cream brand and is ranked number 1 in sales in Taiwan, Japan and of course Korea itself. They carry different ranges of BB Creams and products, each range differing in product ingredients to meet different needs.

If you are not too sure what a BB Cream is, refer to this introductory post.

This time around, we were invited to preview a specific Skin79 product range -
the Diamond Collection I & II

What is the difference between this range and their other ranges? Well as mentioned, Skin79 ranges differ primarily in their ingredients.

The Diamond Collection contains ingredients like Diamond Powder, Jewel Complex powder consisting of ruby, amethyst, coral, tourmalin and pearl. All these are meant to brighten the complexion, sooth and soften the skin, promote blood circulation amongst other benefits. One key ingredient I did like the sound of was Pearl, which is meant to revitalize dull complexions. Sounds promising, yes?

But it does not stop there. The Diamond Collection is divided into 2 collections.

The Diamond I Collection

The products in the light baby pink packaging are from the Diamond I Collection.

The Diamond II Collection

The products in a darker hot pink packaging are from the Diamond II Collection.

Both collections contain the ingredients mentioned above. The main difference is the Diamond II Collection is an upgraded formula that contains an extra ingredient - Flora Bouquet Complex. This Complex is a mixture of Peach Blossoms, Orange Blossoms and other extracts. It is meant to protect and further sooth the skin. The price range in the Diamond II Collection is slightly upgraded as well.

I had played around with some of the Diamond Collection products (amongst others) at the Skin79 event I had attended earlier. You can read some initial observations and such on this entry. During this particular workshop I managed to reswatch some of the products and take photos of those I did not play around with earlier.

Diamond Collection Luminous Pearl BB Cream

I had swatched this before and remember it as a product I intend to get my hands on in future. It does not work as an all-over BB Cream, unless you're going for that disco ball effect! This product contains a good amount of sheen and shimmer, perfect for highlighting purposes. The brush applicator is also detachable for cleansing - thus making this product very sanitary.

Diamond Collection Star Glow Ball Powder

I did not swatch this product at the event purely because it looked shimmer-scary but what I know is the different colored balls don't show up multi-colored on your face. Phew to that! It all blends together to form a very pretty (and shimmery) luminescent pearl shade. The different colors make it slightly multi-dimensional with the pink helping to brighten up the skintone etc.

Diamond Collection Perfect Cover BB Concealer

This product is a concealer with skincare properties, like whitening benefits. So when you conceal acne scars, you are lightening them at the same time. The major downside is, as you can see, this only comes in one rather limited shade. There are two colors in the palette, meant for you to mix them to your ideal skintone however both shades are pretty light. I do however like the consistency of it. It's uber creamy when swatched but smooths out to a nice powdery finish, not sticky at all.

Diamond Collection All Day Sun Powder

I have mentioned this product before and I am actually taking a liking for it. It is pretty much a loose setting powder jam-packed with SPF protection (SPF30 PA ++), perfect for those who like me don't like how sunblock feels but still want sun protection. I did not swatch it the last time, but doing so now, this powder has a slight pinkish hue. It does not have glitter, that stray glimmer you see was from something else. It has an extremely minor shimmer to it, almost un-noticeable. This would work on medium to fair skintones but on darker skintones it might leave that dreaded white cast as it's not completely translucent.

If loose powders aren't your thing, you would be glad to know Skin79 carries a pressed version of sun protection.

Diamond Collection UV Perfect BB Pact

Equipped with an SPF value of 30PA ++, this pressed powder from the Diamond II Range helps protect you from the sun while setting your BB Cream. I never did swatch this so I do now know if it swatches more pink or beige. However you can find out about how their other compacts react in my earlier swatchfest!

To finish up the briefing section, we were informed that Skin79 is currently having an offer for their Hot Pink and VIP Gold range. In each bundle you get the Beblesh Balm along with it's complimenting Powder Pact for a promotional price.

Here are the prices for the Diamond Collection products (SGD - retail prices at Watsons):

<span style="font-size: small; color: #666699;">Diamond I The Prestige Beblesh Balm - SGD39.90
Diamond I Star Glow Ball Powder - SGD39.90
Diamond I UV Screen Beblesh Pact SPF22 PA ++ - SGD39.90
Diamond I Luminous Pearl Beblesh Balm -<strong> SGD35.90

</strong>Diamond II Crystal Pearl BB Cream - SGD42.90
Diamond II UV Perfect BB Pact, SPF30 PA ++ - SGD43.90
Diamond II Perfect Cover BB Concealer - SGD39.90
Diamond II All-Day Sun Powder SPF30 PA ++ - SGD39.90</span>

Since we were at The Icing Room, of course there were bound to be cakes and all that yummy confectionary.

Sometime into the session, we were provided with ingredients to decorate our own little muffins. This also brought about a impromptu Best Muffin Decoration contest.

Cupcake decorating or photo-snapping under way

This is the aftermath of the cupcake decorating session, remember how the icing bundles came nicely arranged from before?

This is my final muffin design along with the other muffin designs for the judging session - I have no idea what the design is about, I just let the icing and my hands do the job. ha.

I totally was not expecting it but somehow I managed to get the impromptu Best Muffin Design though everyone's muffins were really pretty too. Turns out decorating a muffin isn't as simple as it seems!

Thanks StarAsia for the super cute tiara prize! The one on my head is the prize, not the one I'm holding. That one is the resident crown of Skin79.

And here are some more photos from the event

Tiphanie and I

Tiphanie, Joyce and I

Christy and Chantana


We all left the place with a goodie bag in tow filled with some products from the Diamond Collection.

We were given the:
• Prestige Beblesh Balm - I was super excited about this. I had listed this in my wishlist from before and I'm glad I got it now :D
• Star Glow Ball Powder
• Pefect Cover BB Concealer - I'll try this out once but I'm presuming it's really light for me to do anything with it. Would probably end up passing it to my mom since she's fairer then I am.

Since I had featured these products from before I shan't do individual shots and flood this entry more. I still haven't gotten a review of the Hot Pink Beblesh Balm up yet, but that is coming soon, I promise!

Thanks for reading and thank you Skin79 for the lovely evening.


Sadly I do not own all the products mentioned here, goodie bag and yummy cakes were provided.
I am not getting paid for this and all opinions expressed are my own, I am not affiliated to Skin79.

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posted by

The event looked so fun!!! And you looked cute with the tiara! (: Waiting for your review (:

posted by

Atelier Gal told me that the concealer's pretty good :) shall go check it out :)
I'm gettin' a sugar high just looking at the cakes!

posted by

errps... pardon me... it's actually Hazelnutt. better go log in and out again.

posted by

ahhhhh i want a cupcake right now! Chantana looks adorable with her new hair!

posted by

I wanna get the concealer and the loose powder!!

posted by

charlenejudith: It was a pretty fun experience (: I've yet to try this BB Cream out yet, but I will soon!

Hazel: The concealer is actually pretty good. Good coverage and very very smooth but pity about the shade... Last I remembered, you're about a NC25-ish or something right?

kate yeo: I'm eyeing the loose powder myself too. I'm a little worried how the pinkish tone would appear on the skin but I like how after using it I need not use a sunscreen.

posted by

roseannetangrs: Yeap she does! Her bangs were one of the main topics for the night. haha.

posted by

the piping bags looks so pretty and i like your muffin design, before i scroll and see who won, i saw the overall designs and i like that from a distance, there's some sort of abstract shape design that comes through, pretty.

posted by

Thanks Roseanne ^__^

It was a fun and relaxing party! Too bad roseanne cannot join us!

posted by

teaplayground: Haha yes I remembering some people commenting about how abstract it was *cough* icyabstract, LOL!

everbluec: Yeap, can't wait till Roseanne's back!

Roseanne, I haven't seen you in ages!

posted by

yeah, the irony/pun. haha, i didn't mean for it to be "pun intended", but i guess i couldn't find a better word other than abstract?

posted by

teaplayground: Lol thats true though.. it was quite random/abstract.

posted by

I Wanna eat the muffins!

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