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Nails: Candy Nails!

By icyabstract · April 11, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Hello all!

The initial plan was to continue blogging only after the site migration but that might take a little longer the expected, got some codes to sort out etc

So in the meantime I guess it's back to blogging on onsugar and I will just have to go through the import/export process once more. No biggie.

To ease myself back to blogging here after that brief hiatus, here's my previous nail combination. Right now I just have on boring nude nails that I'm re-painting soon but the featured nail combo was something fun to have on.

The other day I wanted to try out some GlossyBlossom nail colors I haven't used and whipped out this pinkish purple one. Its a lovely pale pink-purple, slightly paler and less pink in comparison to China Glazes' Something Sweet.

Nail polish shots were taken with my iphone as I didn't have my camera on hand and forgot to shoot the polishes with the nail shot. Hence slight iffy-ness in quality and color

The color looks purple above but the nail image later on is more accurate.

It looked reasonably okay on my skintone on its own but I felt the need to add on something extra. I painted on some light blue French tips with a Mosaic Cosmetics nail polish.

Really am trying to use the random brand and otherwise untouched polishes.

Here's the end result of it:

Excuse the roughness of it.

I like how cutesy this turned out. It almost reminds me of dual ended color pencils from back in the day where light pink and sky blue were always back to back. Am I making sense here?


Well that's it for now, will be posting up another entry in awhile. It's a little different from my norm but I'll have to say it's something I've been wanting to try.
Thanks for reading (:

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Nails: While my nails are long...

By icyabstract · January 23, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

As the title initiates, this is sharing a little personal perference of mine.

I find that metalic finish polishes (mainly the ones that leave little streaks) look best on nails that are slightly longer. Not saying you can't wear them on short nails but longer nails tend to 'amplify' that shimmery streak effect.

Hence I painted this on my nails a couple days ago:

Glossy Blossom Nail Lacquer in Glossy Navy Blue

I love how the streaks in this particular polish seem to play up the dimension. Unlike some cases where the streaks just get annoying and you want to keep re-painting it away.

Though after wearing that for a couple of days I wanted to switch to something darker like Orly's Wild Wysteria.

Orly Nail Polish in Wild Wysteria

I painted this in a hurry one weekday-night so pardon the messiness.

I was pleasantly surprised with the opacity of this polish as my first encounter with Orly (Charged Up) required about 3 coats to reach the opacity I wanted but with Wild Wysteria, 2 coats is more then enough.

Also with longer nails I find wearing one cream or solid colored polish alone can be a little boring so I tried to play it up with applying Mosaic's glittery polish in T44 on my ring finger.

However, after all that I think I'm changing my nail color this weekend as long nails are pretty but makes me type real slow on my phone and that's pretty frustrating.

I believe I should look into wearing pastel bright colors again once I clip my nails down, haven't worn those in ages!

Thanks for reading (:

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