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A touch of glitz in my outfit – feat. Poh Heng x Minnie Mouse Limited Edition

By Sara Kye · November 25, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

After introducing the Poh Heng x Minnie Mouse Limited Edition, here's a closer look at 2 of the pendants that have caught my eye.

Being showcased all 8 pendants at one go did leave me a little starry-eyed (so much bling!) but I managed to hone in on 2 that caught my eye the minute I glanced through the collection. Somewhat like love at first sight...

Those who know me would probably roll their eyes at one of my selections just because it is so... predictable!

Lo and behold....

The Minnie Stellar Petitie (S$880) on the left which some of you have already previewed via my instagram and Rose (S$650) on the right which is the duh one, judging from my love for all things rose-related.

As mentioned in the introduction, all 8 pendants have a lovely mix of both a polished and matte finish – matte to give the pendants a classic touch along with the polished bits for some dimension.

Now for those wondering... why does the 18K White Gold variants come with diamonds (on some) and the 22K Yellow Gold ones do not?

Aside from the color co-ordination portion of it (because a silverish tone looks way prettier with diamonds, I feel?), here's a nugget of information the lovely folks at Poh Heng had educated me about.

A Nugget of Jewelry Knowledge – 18K? 24K?

Turns out, the 'purer' the form of Gold or the higher concentration of Gold there is, the 'softer' the material would become!

Of course the pendant itself isn't malleable and you probably can't sink your teeth into it but the logic is that purer golds may not be able to hold on to encrusted diamonds very strongly since they are... 'softer'!

Thus while the 22K Yellow Gold pieces are extremely high in karatage (over 90% gold!), they are 'softer' and not the best option to encrust diamonds with. Therefore the polished finish in these help give it a glimmer of dimension, acting like a sparkle within the pendants.

For the 18K White Gold options, these are plated gold pieces that are firmer in material and able to hold diamonds that are encrusted within. Plus the silver outlook of them makes the whole pendant appear very chic when bejewelled with the diamonds.


Now, after a quick flash of Jewelry FYI, it's back to the spotlight – the pendants!

These pendants are sold on their own, without a chain, and are versatile such that you can pair it with a gold or silver / white gold chain of your choice and wear it as a necklace or...

even as a bracelet!

The handy (no pun intended) portion of these pendants is that the top loop portion (for lack of a better and proper jewelry term) is actually a clasp you can open and close.

The perk of that as a necklace is: you don't have to loop it through a chain and work at clipping the chain while ensuring you don't drop the charm. You can simply wear your necklace chain and clip this right on, making sure it's facing forward too!

Don't you just hate it when you're done wearing your necklace and the pendant is facing the wrong way?

And needless to say, if you have a bracelet you can customize and clip charms to, this would be... charming to have!

I am not the most delicate when it comes to wearing precious pieces on my arms because I swing and drag them around so I kept the wear of these pendants for necklace purposes only.

Without further ado and after much rambling, here's a look at 2 occasions where I brought these pendants out to play!

I had minimal or hardly much makeup on with these photos but I just wanted to showcase how they looked in a usual outfit scenario so don't expect any editorial fashion shoots!

I love how the Minnie Stellar Petite pendant, while petite, is able to draw attention to it even with a polka-dotted dress! That might sound a little weird but what I mean is, even with all these dots on the dress, the pendant is still able to stand out with its beautiful glimmer.

Slightly more classic and dainty, the Rose pendant is extremely intricate when viewed up close but sadly, the details are hard to make out from afar, which is a given. I wore this on a super dressed down day and though I had close to zero makeup on (foundation + brows), as seen above, it still made me feel a little dressed up in its own way.

So that's about it for a quick look at these pendants and how I have worn them out and about!

The pendants are light-weight to wear and don't feel like anything against your skin. Sometimes I get so accustomed to having them on that I would even forget that I am wearing a necklace!

I am one who hardly wears necklaces or jewelry pieces but now that I have had the luxury to wear such pretty pieces, I think they can really put that finishing seal on a look. It seems that a lovely jewelry piece does aid in completing or adding a 'made up' element to an outfit or look.

While I can't say that I feel completely blah or anything but fact is I have been wearing looser and baggier clothing these days due to my pregnancy and while such pieces are comfy and great to wear, they honestly aren't always the most flattering. I don't fault flare dresses or floaty material but truth is truth, you can't always feel super glamourous walking around in a 'shapeless' dress so little touches like jewelry pieces or simple things like dabbing on a little bit of lipstick / eyeliner really deso the trick to make you feel your best amidst all this!

After all, we girls don't always dress up for others. Most of the time, we dress up to make ourselves feel good about... ourselves!


If you're swamped with the pendant choices available and can't decide which one you like best to add to a wishlist or if you have a little time on your hands, why not do the Charming Minnie Match personality quiz!


<p>Click here to begin!</center>

You may be a daily winner and win yourself a Limited Edition Minnie Tote bag or be a lucky top 3 winner and walk away with the pendant you were matched to!

How's that for a Christmas present? :)

Excuse the toilet setting but here's the Limited Edition Minnie Tote bag (in a flipped mirror shot).

<strong>So... do share! Do you have a secret trick you do on days you're feeling blah?
Is it wearing a bold lipstick, putting on some jewelry or spritzing a special perfume?


Thanks for reading this long and rambly entry!

I have some posts coming up soon with looks from everyday to more fun ones. Hopefully I can get all those entries typed and sorted out soon, before I meet a different kind of busy!

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I love the beige knitted dress on you... (Where got dressed down huh!!!)

posted by

everbluec: It is, it is! Haha, the top half looks nice but the bottom half is really just a flare blah. Lol! Comfy and all but yes, flare blah X) Though thanks! My mom would be pleased to know that she had chosen a nice dress. haha.

posted by

Your skin and body look fab! (",)
hmmm when I feel blah, I make sure to pull my hair up into a loose bun. I think it makes me look more awake and also less 'blah'. hehee... the idea is to keep my hair out of my face coz it adds to the 'blah' feeling having my hair plastered all over my face (",)

posted by

hazelnutt: Aww thank you :) And yes, I get what you mean! I've been having more of a hate relationship with how flat and limp my hair has been lately that sometimes putting it up makes me feel more... awake than having it down.

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