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Upcoming: Anna Sui Lip Crayon for Spring!

By Sara Kye · February 4, 2014 · 0 Comments ·

If you're not over the chubby pencil / lip crayon phase, you would be pleased to know that Anna Sui is rolling out some beautifully packaged (what's new) lip crayons for Spring 2014.

Thing is, I've never noticed these Anna Sui lip crayons and as it turns out, it's a not a new thing to the brand as Anna Sui had released some lip crayons last Spring as well.

Though the ones you see here are new shades in a newer packaging, isn't it just gorgeous?

I haven't seen this for myself and I'm not even sure we will have it here but I can bet that they'll be smelling of Rose, mmmm!

Available in three shades, I don't know how opaque or sheer these would go on but if it's anything like their previously released Lip Crayons, they should be decently pigmented!

Currently it is only spotted at Urban Outfitter's website but fingers crossed that we'll see this in person at Anna Sui counters soon?

I've got my eye on that lovely Coral Pink!

Thanks for reading! How do you feel about these Anna Sui Lip Crayons? Tried the earlier releases?


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What's in My Makeup Pouch (right now)?

By Sara Kye · October 27, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

I don't often switch up the contents in my makeup pouch because everything in there is essentially what I would need already.

On occasions I may throw in an extra lip gloss, lip stick or maybe facial mist though if I don't need them anymore, I usually remember to take them out.

If anything, the one category that 'builds up' the most within my makeup pouch would be lip stuff, for varying reasons. Sometimes I simply forget to take them back out and other times I would deliberately bring them along in an effort to give them more love and (hopefully) use them up.

Nonetheless, here are the items I lug about:

A rundown of items in here (somewhat left to right):

  • Anna Sui Oil Blotter
  • Gatsby Powdered Oil Blotter
  • Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream (travel size)
  • Revlon Eyeliner Pencil (which I should throw out...)
  • Maquillage Glossy Perfect Rouge in RD306
  • Maybelline Moisture Extreme in Natural Nude
  • Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Soft Nude
  • Lip Smackers x Paul Frank lipbalm
  • Bvlgari Perfume (small sample / travel vial)

I have a couple of items which I photographed separately and listed in this entry but those are mainly a powder compact, spft protection, 1 more lip item and liner / brow stuff.

I know the first question I may get is... why do you carry around two oil blotters?!

Well, because the Gatsby powdered oil blotter is the ultimate oil blotter by ridding the icky oil feel and setting the skin, making it feel smooth and fresh again. The Anna Sui oil blotter is non-powdered and reserved for situations where I get nit-picky and feel like my skin is oiling up a little and feeling blah yet it's not oily enough to justify using the Gatsby blotter.

I know... it's strange but does anyone else get what I mean?

As for the lip stuff, I find carry neutral tones would be the easiest so if I am heading out with a bold lip, I would bring that along for touch ups. Otherwise, I would solely rely on what I have in here though of late, the most popular thing I slap on when I need to touch up my lip color is the Maquillage Glossy Perfect Rouge; I am almost out of it!

Everything else is really in there... just cause.

A perfume incase I run out without perfume or my perfume fades away by mid-day, a handcream incase my palms get dry and liners incase I want to intensify my eyelook after a day out.

So do share, what do you carry around in your makeup bag? Do you prefer to be prepared or travel light?

Thanks for reading!


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Look Feature: Anna Sui Spring 2012 Cheek & Lip

By Sara Kye · February 25, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

The night before, I had a mind to search around my wardrobe for something feminine and floral to wear to the church wedding today. I have no particular idea why floral but I just wanted to wear something I rarely do. Though come morning, it was a whole different story...

Getting ready at 8am (proceedings start at 10am) with 3 hours of sleep left me thinking, okay whatever, I'm just going to slap something on.

Amidst all that, I did manage to reach for the Anna Sui Anna Rose Cheek Color and Double Lipgloss in Sensual Rose. Aside from the swatches I had done, and featured here, I haven't played around with these or wore them out until now.

The blush seems to sway a little pink-toned on me as opposed to the flushed-red I presumed it would be. I had spammed on a little more blush than I normally wear but this blush picks up well and one dusting is really all you need. I went for 1 1/2 because... I needed to look alive at 10 in the morning and the pictures tend to moderate the blush effect a little. The photos reflect what 1 dusting looks in person, hope that makes sense.

Here's the swatch I did in the previous post, just for a recap.

It is still a lovely rosey shade on, which I love but I think it all boils down to how and where you run your brush over and which colors you pick up on.

On my eyes I had on plain ole neutrals, nothing to it and I didn't want to fuss with colors because wearing contacts was quite a challenge in itself already. If only someone could invent tired-eye-friendly contacts!

Though if you are interested,

On My Eyes:
- Stila Kitten
- L'oreal Made For Me Naturals In Medium Fair
- CLIO Professional Pen Liner
- MAC Powerpoint Liner in Engraved
- Dollywink Mascara in Volume

I used both ends of the Double Lipgloss in Sensual Rose, leaving me with a pink-red lip which I think ended up complimenting the blush very well. While I love the rouge portion on it's own, it's a pretty combination and that shine/sheen the glossy end lends is lovely.

As far as outfit goes, I think it's been established that I never did end up dressing in florals. Though I did put some effort into it and dug up this dress I have had for almost a year now but haven't worn out at all.

Ignore the mildly candid hand on the right shot.

This is a cream colored dress with an interesting lapel design along the front. This was one of the first few pieces I had received from Loef (before I did fashion features) and I think they no longer have this up on their site - I think.

Do you have any guilty pieces stashed away in your wardrobe that you haven't worn?


Hope everyone's weekend is going along good and thanks for reading!


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Goodies/Swatches: Anna Sui Spring 2012 - Anna Rose & Sensual Rose

By Sara Kye · February 19, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Hello! A quick mention and feature about the 2 items I had received from the Anna Sui Spring 2012 collection which I had gone into detail about here.

This post will be a closer look, indepth swatches and my thoughts of the items I had received. Point being that it is done in the comfort of my home and preferred lighting which means juggling the camera in odd angles and the use of tissue at my expense, I'm sure you know what I am getting at.

From the collection, I received a Rose Cheek Color and a Double lipgloss.

Starting with the Rose Cheek Color (S$49) !

While I was fascinated with how beautiful Mystic Rose looked in the pan, I was more drawn towards what a gorgeous shade Anna Rose is, hence that was my choice.

My own attempt at a close-up pan shot of 400 Anna Rose.

The powder is quite soft and the emboss design isn't too deep-set, so with a couple of uses the rose patterns might start to fade. Perhaps not so much the outer-rim ones but I fear for the one right in center since it doesn't start off too defined.

Depending on how you swirl your brush as well, there is a tendency to 'bring over' the colors, such as smearing the brighter red (bottom left) to the lighter pale highlighter pink (top left), which was what I did while swatching. It's a norm for these 'mixed shades' palette and nothing a quick sweep over can't fix but just thought to share.

I love the blend of bright red-coral, a soft pink, pale pink and a mauvey-plum pink tone in this. Despite all that pink involved, the overall blend of it appears a red or red-coral shade. While it's for Spring, I can't help but feel reminded of a soft winter flush on the cheeks or perhaps, to put it in tune with Spring, a flush from a run through a field of flowers?

You can mix and blend around the various individual shades to come up with your own color, if you want it more red or perhaps to lean towards pink, the choice is yours! You can even choose to skip the lightest color and go at it with a different brush solely as a highlight.

I don't have a swatch of it on but I will most likely drop a feature in a LOTD.

the next item I got is a complimenting Double Lipgloss (S$54) in the shade Sensual Rose!

It must be no surprise that I ended up with this shade after having a minor swoon about it in yesterday's entry.

This Double Lipgloss functions such that you apply a pigmented base color (Rouge Color) first to give you the intensity that you want, followed by a glossy and shimmery shade over (Pearl Color) for that added shine! You can also choose to use them individually/separately, your call.

Anna Sui had employed the idea of using different applicators for the different sides of this Double Lipgloss.

The Rouge Color end comes with a doe-foot applicator that is tapered at the front so you can spread the color out well and ease into the crevices of the lips.

The Pearl Color end comes with a slightly different applicator. I cannot recall the proper name for this but it's a soft plastic piece that works well at spreading the high-shine gloss out. It's also easier to clean since you might 'mix' the gloss with the rouge color and you don't want to contaminate the rest of your tube.

I felt another hand-swatch was mandatory but here are some lip-swatches of the Double Lipgloss.

Pearl Color – While I expected it to be clear, it actually has a soft milky tint to it which is really lovely. It is definitely one with a high sparkle and shine factor and that milky tint of it is tempting me to use this gloss on it's own.

Rouge Color – While this tends to swatch pretty thick on the hand, I've learnt that you can actually thin the shade out some so it appears more like a lip stain, in the half-swatch picture. Alternatively, you can go bold and build the intensity up to match what is displayed within the tube. The rouge color does have a glossy shine of it's own as well and if you ask me, I'm actually quite satisfied with how this looks alone.

Though, I proceeded and used this as suggested, with the Rouge Color beneath and Pearl Color over.

Topping the Pearl Color over sort of morphed the overall to become this red-fuschia shade which goes perfectly well with the magenta sparkles in the Pearl Color. The Rouge Color did lose some of that intense red-ness due to the milky tint but it's a gorgeous color still. It's almost like getting 3 lip looks out of one product.

As I had mentioned, I am still a fan of how how the Rouge Color looks on it's own:

(Rouge Color only)

I cannot get over how gorgeous this is but I shan't ramble and leave it at this. As always, the products come scented with the signature Anna Sui rose scent, which I love. Think rose scented powder and lipgloss!

Do check out the entire Anna Sui Spring 2012 collection in this post if you haven't!


Are you eyeing anything from this collection?

Thanks for reading!

Products were provided to me for review consideration.
I am not affiliated to them and all opinions expressed are my own.


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Anna Sui Spring 2012 Makeup Collection

By Sara Kye · February 18, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Available at all Anna Sui counters right now, the Spring 2012 Makeup collection had caused quite a stir and anticipation when photos of the rose cheek colors were first released.

My mention is a few weeks behind (launched 20th January) and most who are in love with this would have checked these darlings out but if you haven't, here are more photos and swatches to entice you to the counters.

Inspired by the coming of spring where snow melts and fades away to reveal flowers in bloom, the Spring 2012 collection pays tribute to the magnificient rose. The vision of roses scenting the air, blooming and casting an exotic sensual spell is the spirit of this collection that spells nothing short of Anna Sui with it's decor.

Thanks to Mag, I got to drop by the Anna Sui counter with the lovely ladies, Kas, Evonne and Joey to swatch and check out this collection in person.

As you know, or might not know, I kind of fail juggling my camera while swatching stuff so the hands you see with swatches belong to the lovely Joey, Mag and Evonne. Thank you ladies for lending me your hands and swatches!

The Spring 2012 collection sees the launch of the following items:

  • Rose Cheek Color (6 shades)
  • Liquid Eyeliner (3 shades)
  • Double Lipgloss (3 shades)
  • Cheek Brush


The star of this is definitely the Rose Cheek Color so I will save the best for last. First up, the Liquid Eyeliner (S$33).

This is available in three shades, a black, brown and violet. The shades are of a more tinted tone that gives definition yet hints at color, instead of say a bright vibrant purple.

We swatched the shade 500 Brown twice because we were a little confused with the testers, or perhaps it's our biaseness showing as Evonne and I really liked how 500 Brown appeared. It has more dimension to what my camera wishes to pick up, it's somewhat a bronzed dark brown, beautiful!

The liner pens have a brush tip to them and function like the Majolica Majorca pen liners where you click up the product to dispense it before drawing. They are said to be smudge-resistant and generally water-resistant yet removable with warm water.


Next, the Double Lipgloss (S$54), which I personally feel is another star of the collection.

The Double Lipglosses are available in 3 shades that are sufficient to compliment the 6 Rose Cheek Colors. One end of the gloss is a Rouge Color and the other is termed the Pearl Color. The Rouge Color for the 3 shades have lovely pigmentation and the pearl color end provides high-gloss, a great combination!

The applicators for this Double Lipgloss is quite distinct as well but I didn't manage to get a shot of it at the counter though I do have one coming up in the next post.

Look at Sensual Rose, isn't that red shade just beautiful! I think I truly am geared towards the reds now.


The final 2 products work hand in hand with each other in a way so I will introduce the Rose Cheek Color (S$49) first.

Available in 6 different shades, each palette comes with a gradiation of 4 colors that blend and work together to give each cheek color its unique flair. You can choose to swatch from a certain portion in the blush mosaic or swirl everything together for color and a pearly sheen.

All the shades are captivating to look at and the powder emboss design seems to mimick roses growing and lapsing within the cheek color itself, trying to reach the top and burst through with color! I think I may be reading too much into it, but it is a beautiful design though at first glance, certain points of the roses weren't as defined as I thought it would be.

Nonetheless, it is still lovely and here are some press images of the 6 shades, because I didn't manage to capture them all at the counter.

Amongst the 6, Mystic Rose has been garnering the most attention and I can't blame it because it looks absolutely ethereal and elegant. The other colors are lovely too but the mix of pale lavender, ice blue and orchid white makes it quite a sight! If anything, it would be a gorgeous collectors item.

While I do love to admire it, it's function as a (blue-ish toned) highlighter is kind of... normal. It's a beautiful color but perhaps I have too many highlighters around to factor purchasing this for shade purpose, however as I've said it's a gorgeous collectors item and if you truly wanted it, there's no such thing as too many highiighters!

The cheek colors pick up well and have a soft pigmentation to them.


Accompanying the Cheek Colors is a statement looking Cheek brush (S$56).

This retractable brush has a very fashionable pink ombre going on with the bristles that do feel very soft and smooth. The brush is retractable, which allows you to lug it around for touch-ups.

What's more, most retractables function in a 'push-up' manner, however with this you 'twist' the metalic portion up which allows you to stop mid-way for a more tapered brush.

With this you can choose to pick up select points of blushes, as demonstrated here. Blush brush and highlighter brush, anyone?


This wraps up my brief (I hope) sharing of the session I had at Anna Sui. I do have 2 items from this collection on hand which I will feature in more detail in another post with more swatches and whatnots.

I was going to do it tonight but I feel my brain shutting down so I'll see you agian tomorrow, thanks for reading!


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LOTD: Anna's Blues (+ outfit!)

By Sara Kye · December 4, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Hello everyone!

I haven’t been updating due to a busy period at work with this up-coming event. It is a good and bad thing to know that the end is drawing nearer; good because it will all be momentarily over (it’s a bi-annual event) and bad because things are always bound to go wrong at the last minute. It’s my first time handling this event and I am all alone on the design side as the other designer had left. So that’s why I whine about working overtime and having loads to do because I am handling two person’s share of work :(

But anyway, this was the look I wore to work today.
Yes, a Saturday. Insert another sad emoticon.
I try to wear colors on weekends, since I’m wearing browns all week. My work place isn’t particular about needing to have neutral makeup so unless I’m in a rush, it’s colors for work on Saturday!

Today I decided to use the blue Anna Sui duo I got from this gathering. Believe it or not, this is my first time using this one. My bad, I was always using the purple duo.

Products Used:

K-Palette Eyebrow Liner in 01
Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation
Lumiere Invisiveil (to set)

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer
Anna Sui Eyeshadow Duo in 04
88 Color Palette (darker color, brown blending, highlight)
K-Palette Eyeliner in Black
Majolica Majorca Lash Bone
Revlon 3D Mascara

MAC Mineralized Skinfinish in Redhead

Canmake Lip Concealer in 01
NYX Round Lipstick in Circe
Silky Girl tube-gloss (really just clear gloss)<span style="font-family: times new roman;"><span style="color: #666699;"><span style="color: #333399;">

Highlighted products have been provided to me by companies/distributors.</span></span></span>

It seems I turn to greens and blues a lot when I’m going for colored looks - I believe I have already mentioned this. I have used other colors in older LOTDS but it seems it’s just greens and blues these days.

How about this:

You all suggest a color for me to use the next time I do a colored LOTD! If it doesn’t look horrid (ha-ha) I shall post it up! Or even if it does look bleh I’ll post it, just ‘cause.
So list a color, one color and I will try to incorporate it.

Lastly, my outfit!

Saturday is the day where you can dress casual (and wear blue jeans), in the words of my colleague, you could even wear a bikini to work and no one would care. Not that you really should…

The dress-top  I am wearing is actually my boyfriend’s shirt. I always snag from the boyfriend and brother’s wardrobe. It’s a little short at the sides so I wore shorts under, also because I am still going to work (though shopping after!).

So that’s it, hope everyone is enjoying their weekend; I know I am! I am trying hard not to think about work on Monday.

Thank you all for reading!

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A Forbidden Affair with Anna Sui

By Sara Kye · November 11, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Anna Sui has released a new fragrance, Forbidden Affair, that is inspired by romance, fairytales and fantasy. Aside from the concept embodying the image of Anna Sui, who can forget the packaging – box and bottle.

The box design is meant to signify a secret, romantic garden with the storyline of lovers meeting at dusk. The visuals on the box portray that perfectly however the bottle design helps enhance the plot. Side-note: I feel like I’m typing a design rationale for a school project now, lol.

Inspired by a small dressing room mirror, the bottle clearly depicts the Baroque influence in Forbidden Affair. I love the small conceptual touch of the silhouettes being behind the bottle, to signify their secrecy. When viewed from the front, the lovers are encircled in a ring of roses, making the garden rendezvous seem more special.

The perfume liquid itself is a light purple in color, very interesting and definitely pretty. I usually spray perfume directly on my skin instead of my clothes so I am not certain if the color will do anything to your lighter clothes.


About the Scent

Top Notes: Lemon, Black Currant, Red Currant.
Heart: Raspberry, Rose, Pomegranate.
Base: Violet, Musk, Cedar.

The scent of this is rather unique and stands out from scents I have experienced. It does seem to tie in with the concept of being romantic, girly and yet seems to have a touch of mystery to it.

The first thing I detected about this scent was black currant, a scent I personally haven’t experienced with perfumes.  It is a sweet  and mildly fruity scent with soft musk to prevent it from being overly light and girly, yet it still remains quite a fresh scent. If that makes any sense at all! The sweet currant scent, though a top-note, lasts the entire way due to the Cyclodextrin Technology used with this perfume (it helps ‘re-activate’ again and again the top note over time so it lingers).

The lasting ability of this perfume (EDT) is quite alright, it seems to stand with Paul Smith Rose on this. It lasts good for about 5 hours or so on me before being faint.

It’s a rather complex scent for me to describe seeing as I can’t describe scents for the life of me, so to be totally convinced to pick this up, please check out Kas’s thoughts on it. :P Kas (cocomotion)'s reviews always make me want to smell said perfume right now.

Here is the Forbidden Affair product range:

Forbidden Affair EDT 30ml - $63
Forbidden Affair EDP 50ml - $86
Forbidden Affair EDP 75ml - $111
Forbidden Affair Body Lotion 200ml - $40
Forbidden Affair Bath & Shower Gel 200ml - $38

Forbidden Affair is now available at Anna Sui counters.


[SIdenote: Doesn't this whole Anna Sui post go with the color scheme of my blog? Lol]

Product featured was provided by Anna Sui.
I am not affiliated to them., all opinions expressed are my own.

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Goodie Bag from Anna Sui A/W 2010 Preview

By Sara Kye · August 18, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

As blogged about in an earlier entry, I had attended the Anna Sui Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection 1 preview. The event was a simple tea gathering with several other bloggers and some representatives from SinKid and Anna Sui. To read more about that along with the introduction of Anna Sui's Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection, do check out this post if you haven't.

This entry is a Part 2 to that and will feature the products included in the Goodie Bag we were handed. Again, I'm splitting this up because both parts ended up being fairly picture heavy. I think I took more shots then I normally do (per product) just because I was so intrigued with capturing certain elements of the products. You'll know what I mean!

As expected of Anna Sui, their Goodie Bags itself always always look super pretty.

Let's talk about the eyeshadows first, and who could deny a packaging showcase. I felt I just had to take a shot like this.

Included in the Goodie Bag were 2 Eye Color Duos and 3 Eye Colors (Single eyeshadow).

Something random to note would be, with each eyeshadow be it duo or singles, the box comes with a foam piece to secure it in place so the shadows don't bounce around in the box.

The shades provided were rather universal across all Goodie Bags.

Here are the 3 single shadows:

The swatch for shade #800 looks barely there because it is rather close to my skintone, in a way... Not that I am an olive green or anything.

I was not quite satisfied with the above photos since they did not capture the essence of these products, I decided to go trigger happy with closeup shots of the eyeshadows. Most of these shadows have a lovely shimmer to them and that is kind of the key point.

(click to full view for pretty shimmer)

Eye Color #200 - Pale lavender pink littered with pink, blue, yellow and green shimmer

Eye Color #302 - Medium red-pink with silver shimmer

Eye Color #800 - Golden olive with gold and silver shimmer. This is probably the most shimmery of the 3.

Now, the 2 Duo Eye Colors:

At first glance the top two colors look almost the same, though in person they are definitely different. Here's a close up shot of the two top colors.

Following the single shadows, here's a closeup of the Duos.

Eye Color Duo in #06

Eye Color Duo in #04

I didn't do swatches of these as I intend to post up Eye of the Day shots using the blending method recommended. I'll probably get to that as soon as I can! I can't wait to try them out, that's for sure.

Aside from eyeshadows, we were also given products for the lips. Yes you guessed it, the Mini Rouge!

Mini Rouge V in 03

It looks like an interesting shade to try out with the blue and pink reflects. Iris (rougedeluxe) had done a look using some of these products, including this mini rouge, which you can check out here.

Covering the spectrum of face makeup, we were also provided with the Spot Concealer. I had not been able to take a photo of this at the tea gathering, so here's a shot of it now.

Spot Concealer in 02

02 again was the universal shade included and thankfully for me it fits my skintone just right. This concealer comes in 3 different shades, one lighter then this and one darker. I am a MAC NC25-30 for reference. One thing I have noticed about their concealer is that it tends to lean yellow through all 3 colors, so if you have a strong pink-tone then this might not show up right.

Last but not least the final item included in the Goodie Bag is a.....

Nail polish!

Nail Color in #209

There were 5 shades available and the blue polish seemed like a hot favorite amongst the bloggers present - a favorite with me too! Though I guess it's fate I got the purple one. I seem to have 9012389 purple polishes in my stash and that must say something about my nail color choices.

I shall swatch this in another entry too when I get experimental with nail stuff and layer this over random shades, or something like that.

Alrighty, so till the next entry thank you all so much for reading!


The pretty Goodie Bag was sponsored by Anna Sui.
I am not affilaited to them and all opinions expressed are my own.

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Event: Anna Sui A/W I - 2010 collection

By Sara Kye · August 17, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

As we are approaching the Fall season (sadly it's constantly 'summer' in Singapore), Anna Sui had pulled out a new Autumn/Winter 1 2010 collection primarily featuring new delights for the eyes. I don't just mean eye candy in terms of colors and packaging but most of their Autumn/Winter 1 (2010) launch features eye products - namely eyeshadows.

Last week I had attended the Anna Sui Tea Gathering to preview said collection. The gathering was held at The Marmalade Pantry (Orchard ION). The minute we arrived Lawrence took out the Anna Sui products for us to play with and that resulted in us only ordering our food and drinks close to 20 minutes after settling in. Tsk, the distraction of makeup...

The first thing that caught my eye about this collection was of course, the packaging. The box and the product casing itself carries the same theme. It is said that Anna Sui was inspired by a design on her furniture which brought about this stained-glass-esque design across the eye products for this collection.

A quick info about this collection before I dive into product swatches etc. The Autumn/Winter 1 (2010) collection carries 25 single eyeshadows, 7 Duo eyeshadows, 5 Nail Colors, 3 Mini Rouge, 1 Eye Brightener and a Spot Concealer (which I believe is in the permanent line, just promoted with).

I will feature most of these products throughout the entry but first, this collection is titled Autumn/Winter 1 is because there is bound to be a Autumn/WInter 2 collection. However, the second collection primarily focuses on skincare and if I'm not wrong some hair care products as well and will be out slightly later; Autumn/Winter 1 is available at Anna Sui counters.

So first, lets talk about the eyeshadows in this collection.

The eyeshadow duo compacts are of course larger in size compared to the single shadows.

Left to Right: Duo Eyeshadow, Single Shadow

Isn't that opalescent sheen to the packaging just lovely?


Eye Color Duo

These duos come with two eyeshadow shades and an applicator. The applicator does not show up well in the photos but it's inbetween the two shades. There are 7 colors in total (all featured later) but I only swatched a couple at the event.

These duos are not your typical '2 color in one compact' deal. The colors are recommended to be used together in a layering format. The color on the bottom is coated with silicon to ensure that eyeshadows adhere to it better and that it adheres to your skin well, like a base. The eyeshadow color on the top is meant to be layered over the bottom color to create a nice blended fusion.

Case in point...

From the swatches, the color on the top is typically pearlized and a lighter shade. The lower one is darker and ranges from a pearl finish to a matte/satin. The texture of the bottom color is very smooth and almost cream-product like but it is completely powder. The shadows blend very easily and are nicely pigmented.

To prove how much the base adheres to your skin, this was how my hand looked after I wiped off the duo eyeshadow swatches with a dry tissue. Not a wet wipe or anything, just plain ole restaurant serviettes.

It probably would go off with a makeup remover or some water, but it shows how the bottom color has adhering properties compared to the top color.


Eye Color (Singles)

As for the single shadows there were just too many to go through since there are 25 shades available. Lawrence did not bring them all to the swatch-fest but from those available I managed to pick out three shades I really liked.

Totally boring shades if you know my style. These shadows also come with an eyeshadow applicator each.

I totally forgot to take note of the numbers of these shadows but they shouldn't be hard to pick out at the counter. The A/W collection actually comprises of a lot more colors and rather bold colors too (as you will see later), so fret not if you are a color person.

Here's one rather interesting color I sifted out from the pack. It's one of those 'hard-to-photograph-right' shades.

Pretty pigmented stuff! I forgot to note the color number too but if I'm not wrong it should be #203 - Quartz Purple.

The textures for these were soft and smooth as well. I like how there was a rose motif engraved on each single shadow. It almost makes me not want to use the shadows from the centre for fear of distorting it. I did not remember to smell the shadows but Kas (cocomotion) noted that these were softly scented with the signature Anna Sui rose scent.


Eye Brightener

The eye brightener and spot concealer come in a similar packaging. I did not manage to get a shot of the spot concealer at the event, but this is how the eye brightener looks:

It functions like a normal highlighter and is not reserved to purely highlighting the eye area. You can use this on your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, whatever you fancy.

The consistency of this is rather liquid and easy to blend out. The amount you see on my hand is probably sufficient to blend out the higher points of your cheeks. In the smaller photo you can't see the sheen very well unless you view the image in full size. I find the highlight to be very subtle. I guess it might not show up very much on fairer skintones, either that or you'll have to layer it on.

This product reminds me of L'oreal's Touche Magique, which in turn reminds everyone of YSL's Touche Éclat.


So far everything mentioned is going to be (or already is) in the permanent line. This batch of eyeshadows will replace the older batch of shadows Anna Sui had, so they will be around for awhile. The next few items though are limited edition, so snatch these up while you still can!


Mini Rouges - Limited Edition

A limited edition item in this collection, these Mini Rouges are available in the permanent line...

-cue past photo-

(photo from first Anna Sui Blogger event)

BUT the limited edition ones come in a fun limited packaging and shade.

It comes in one more shade, a lighter pink not featured here.

I had talked about these before so simply said, it's lipgloss in a pot with an adorable rose design. Though if I were being honest I did like the black ones more since the chain is a blackened silver. That's probably just the OCD judgement of mine, wouldn't it be adorable if the chains were tinted the shade of the gloss packaging too?


The last limited edition item would be the nail polishes and Lawrence did not bring it to the tea party so these were shots taken at their roadshow set up.

Nail Color - Limited Edition

There are 5 shades being launched with this collection.

Kas was very hardworking and had swatched the polishes on a piece of plastic. I conveniently shot the swatches after she was done. heh.. Thanks Kas *hides*

Extreme left color (black) is in the permanent line, not promoted with this collection.

Rounding up this collection, here is the pricelist for everything mentioned and some photos of the Roadshow setup they had at Wisma Atria over the weekend.

Eye Color Duo - SGD51
Eye Color (Singles) - SGD35
Eye Brightener - SGD37
Spot Concealer - SGD37
Nail Color - SGD24
Mini Rouge - SGD33

Eyeshadow galore! All 25 eyeshadows and 7 duos (at the far right)

Close up shot of the 7 duos available.

While browsing the eyeshadows, one shade caught my eye. I don't remember this shade being present at the swatch-fest (at Marmalade Pantry) but it's such a gorgeous black. Almost reminds me of NARS's Night Flight but with silver and pink sparkles too.

Eye color in 004.

And here are some group shots at the events, photos are courtesy of Iris (rougedeluxe).

Mag, me, Chantana

Photo op in progress! Models being the nail polish,

And a final group shot with our Goodie Bags.

I'll blog about what we had gotten in the goodie bag in a seperate post since this one has gone on for long enough.

Thank you for reading!


I am not affiliated to Anna Sui.
All thoughts expressed are my own and I am not being paid for this.

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Haul: Nail Polish - China Glaze Up & Away, OPI, Orly

By Sara Kye · April 21, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

A little haul entry regarding my current obsession. As I've mentioned I don't know why but nail polishes have been catching my eye these days. I hop over to nail polish blog sites such as Scrangie and AllLacqueredUp before beauty blogs.

This is a collective haul of course, did not purchase everything in one day though I did receive them all on the same day. Talk about nail polish overdose!

Here's a troupe-shot to kick things off, and because I think this would make a pretty bad-ass blog post icon (those who use onsugar feed would understand what I mean).

Starting out, I'm going to feature the stuff I got from Kim's (rainyydays) spree awhile back. Most of the ladies have collected their nail stuff already, but one of the polishes I had ordered was out of stock so I waited for them to re-stock, send it to Kim before I collected them all.

All the polishes I picked up from this spree were from China Glaze.

Also, Kim was super sweet to have included some MAC pigment samples when handing me my loot. It was really nice of her, because we were talking about the MAC sale and I said I couldn't go because of school so she thought to hand some pigment samples to me.

L-R: Mutiny, Cocomotion

It just so happens both pigments are colors I've been wanting to try out. Thank you again Kim! (:

Now on to the nail polish haul I made, most of the polishes I got were from China Glaze's Up & Away collection, which you can see swatches of here since I am not doing swatches of these just yet. At least not in this entry.

L-R: Re-fresh Mint, Grape Pop, Light As Air

L-R: Peachykeen, Something Sweet

I also picked up some other China Glaze colors I have been dying to get my hands on.

L-R: Agent Lavender, Secret Periwinkle, For Audrey.

I am totally excited I finally got my hands on Secret Periwinkle and For Audrey. I can't even explain how many times I have seen people/youtube gurus wear these colors and how much I wanted to get them.

Next up are just three polishes I had gotten from various online e-sellers or livejournal sellers, for fellow Singaporeans who are familiar to that term. I got these all from a range of about S$8-10 with postage.

L-R: Orly Wild Wisteria, Color Club Pucci-licious, OPI Parlez-Vous

I have been rather attracted to Color Club (and Nubar) from Scrangie's swatches. I did one of those mock-shopping whereby you fill up your cart but never hit check out, and I had about 50 something dollars worth of Color Club polishes I really wanted. Sigh~ Anyone spree-ing from 8ty8beauty? (:

I did not manage to swatch all the polishes for this entry, though a quick google search on Scrangie would definitely bring up swatches you want. I will be 'featuring' these polishes over time on 'Nail at the Moment' sort of entries on my blog.

As I have mentioned on twitter, I finally understand the urge to change nail polish shades once every 2-3 days even though the polish is still looking fresh and new.

Really quickly, I want to throw something extra in.
The other day I dropped by the Isetan Wisma Anna Sui counter and collected an eyelash curler. I use the term 'collected' because I didn't pay for it, it was an arrangement done by the lovely people at Anna Sui.

Long story short, what happened was during the Anna Sui Blogger Event, Mag (makeupstash) and I were chatting about the eyelash curler and someone from Anna Sui said that he'll see what he can do. I thought it was just a polite statement, but who knew!

This curler retails for S$19 in stores. I think the main reason why I'm so attracted to it is the very stragetically pretty color combination, else it could just be like any other eyelash curler.

It almost makes me feel like doing a black/purple-blue nail polish color combo. Picture black polish with Color Club's Pucci-licious as tip colors.

So that's basically it! Since this is mainly a nail polish post, I'm going to just end it with another random nail polish group shot.

Thanks for reading!


Anna Sui eyelash curler was provided to me by the brand - everything else featured (except for the MAC pigment samples) I had purchased on my own.
I am not affiliated to Anna Sui, all opinions expressed are my own. I am not getting paid for this.

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