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Skin79's O2 BB Cleanser - Photos & Thoughts

By Sara Kye · May 31, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Apart from welcoming their new brand ambassadors, the Brown Eyed Girls, Skin79 also welcomes a new product to their shelves in Singapore!

Nope, it's not a new BB Cream nor is it a powder pact, it's actually a BB Cleanser!

A small part of me is going, FINALLY!

What are BB Cleansers and how do they differ from makeup cleansers or regular cleansers?

Well, here's what I know from before but I can't vouch it's the actual story or 'history'.

These days we have a more thorough makeup cleansing regime with cleansing oils and such but back when BB Creams first made their debut, many felt it was so much like skincare that normal cleansers would be good enough to remove it. Which then brought about the whole idea of BB Creams having their own special cleansers because it was said that normal cleansers didn't clean BB Creams off well enough.

There are still some mentions that BB Creams are hard to properly get off and all but I think almost nothing can phase oil cleansers, in terms of foundation at least.

That's what I know but if it's total gibberish... I have been deceived!

Either ways, for Skin79, a brand that has so many different types of BB Creams under their wings, it's honestly about time they rolled out a BB Cleanser.

This cleanser comes with a handy pump that they claim is easy to work with. However, I find the oddly large shape something I have to get used to.

Regardless, you press - it dispenses. Simple as that!

This O2 BB Cleanser is a self-bubbling cleanser (that sounds cool) and comes with a whooping 6-in-1 effect.

Though the effects mainly cover things like properly removing BB Cream, lending a brightening effect, clearing up the skin sebum, offering elasticity and moisture, and also being paraben and color free.

So... going back to the cool sounding self-bubbling fact, here's how it works:

The product dispenses like a normal gel and instructions say to spread this over your face and leave it for a minute or two.

You probably don't have to wait for a minute because the self-bubbling does occurs after the gel has sat on the skin for awhile.

Here's the 'bubbling' that was captured. It is essentially more air bubbles forming within the gel.

(click to enlarge!)

While using this on my face I didn't notice the bubbles this obviously, perhaps because this was done on a dry hand? Though you can certainly feel some very minor bubbling occuring when you have this on your face - it's akin to an odd itch.

After all that, I like to rub and foam everything up again before I rinse it off.


Personally I like using this in the shower which is normally after I have removed my makeup for the day. Something about it being a BB Cleanser makes it feel like this could remove leftover makeup residue, if any.

It feels mild on the skin and is certainly moisturizing because my skin doesn't feel dry or stripped after using this. I didn't notice any film or residue on my face after the wash either.

The bubbling novelty is quite interesting too and I normally slap this on and proceed to rinse my hair conditioner out so I do allow some time to let it 'bubble' without just standing around waiting for it. Though I can't imagine waiting around everytime if I had to use this by the sink.


In all it's a cute product to check out if BB Cleansers are your thing or if you are looking into getting one! It's milder, more hydrating and not as invigorating as Etude House's Baking Soda BB Cleanser, which I used and loved from before, so... it really depends on what you are after!

Skin79's O2 BB Cleanser retails for S$24.90 at Watsons, John Little, Sasa & BHG


I was not expecting this simple post to turn into something this lengthy but thank you for reading!

Products were provided to me for review consideration.
I am not affiliated to them and all opinions expressed are my own.


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Masking Up: Skin79 White Reviving Skin Radiance Mask Sheet

By Sara Kye · March 28, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

It's been awhile since my last masking up! I'm not sure if anyone enjoys reading them but I'm starting to enjoy the process of it - masking, that is.

The hiatus from this series was because I was trying out the Skin Inc Pure Snow White+ Mask for a month long period. Or at least I was planning to, until this week (technically 3rd week of Skin Inc trial), I was craving for a sheet mask. I never knew that I would ever develop a craving for sheet masks! I wanted something moist, hydrating and cooling so I had to ditch the Skin Inc project and sheet mask away!

Still keeping within 'project whitening', I gave this Skin79 White Reviving Skin Radiance Mask Sheet a try. Though, knowing very well that most sheet mask don't give an instant whitening effect and if anything, it's radiance with prolonged use.

Pure cotton whitening mask sheet contains Flora-WH, made with international patented Mandresy Extract, and Niacinamide which brightens the skin from the inside, white Baobab Extract and Fucogel-1000 provides moisture and forms a skin barrier for nutritioned, lustrous skin.
(text from the pack)

(click to enlarge!)

The sheet mask is, as the description says, a cotton material and I find cotton masks (not all but most) don't smooth out flatly on. Though this is a frivolous point to mention because what I mean is that I can't spread it out pretty and evenly to photograph for the blog. For a normal masking session, it really doesn't matter how smoothed out or bumpy it is, unless you are OCD about it!

Though I did find this mask a little wide. It is not uncommon for masks to have excess to cater to difference face shapes but this had a very odd amount of excess by the side.

Is this mask for the ears too?

One really cute thing about this mask (nothing revolutionary, just cute) is that it has eye flaps! Sure it's not the only one in the market but not many do and I like my eye flaps.

The mask leaves an icy cool feeling on and this is without storing it in the refridgerator though I do keep all my masks in a cool spot, away from the sun.

I feel this makes for a good and refreshing mask to use mid-day if you thinking to throw something on a nap in. The eye flaps, cool icy feeling, it's quite perfect and of course I fell asleep with this and left it on for an hour instead of the 15-20 mins as per instructions.

Here are some post-mask findings in point form:

  • leaves a post-mask radiance
  • probably smooths the pores out a little but I'm still enjoying the post-jetconcepts facial to really tell
  • skin feels hydrated but not the 'very supple' sort


Overall I enjoyed using it and am slowly becoming addicted to that cool sensation of having a soaked sheet mask on. While it's effects aren't as potent but it's still nice to use and I think I'm letting my skin soak up all that hydration with it.

This Skin79 mask is available at Watsons for S$21.90 in a pack of 5 sheets.


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Want to be Skin79's New Face?

By Sara Kye · February 21, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Attention all - or at least those residing within Singapore!

I rarely do promotional entries as such but this is great news and an awesome opportunity so I just had to share it with you all.

Skin79 is looking for 2 people to be the face of their Whitening Skincare range!

These two chosen ambassadors will be featured on all their merchandising displays, ad displays, ad campaigns and in media across the island! If that in itself is not exciting enough, you stand to walk away with a 16GB Apple iPad complete with personalisation! (I'm assuming engraving of name?)

The rules to enter this contest is really simple, all you have to do is:

  • Be Fair (complexion-wise since this is for a Whitening Range)
  • "Like" the Skin79 Facebook Fanpage
  • Submit your Photo, Age and Contact information to skin79@starasia.com.sg
  • Selected candidates will then be profiled on Skin79's Facebook page from 28th February onwards!


I'm not sure what happens after but this is the preliminary information I was informed of. It sounds pretty exciting and truthfully speaking I might even want to give this a shot myself (16GB Apple iPad!)... I'm only wondering if I'm fair enough and what is to come in the following 'stages'.


So if you want to be Skin79's New Face, send in your submission now!
I don't play a part in the selection etc, I'm simply spreading the news. (:

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Photoshoot with Skin79!

By Sara Kye · October 10, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Some of you have already spotted the print version of this photoshoot and tweeted me about it, but I have been too busy to give it a mention up till now!

The backstory is that Clara (dblchin), Wen Yao (one of Skin79's Queen of the Month) and I were featured in a recent Skin79 advertorial spread located within the Oct-Dec 2010 issue of Glow Magazine, Watson's house magazine. On top of that, Lorraine mentioned at a later date that Clara and I would also be featured at selected Skin79 displays in Watsons!

I met up with Lorraine to pick up a copy of my Glow Magazine from her, so here are snapshots of the features.

This issue of Glow Magazine, it's out at Watsons right now!

The Skin79 spread with all 3 of us.

My little section on the spread!

That was the magazine feature, and here is the display card posted at watsons. The content and imagery of it is basically similar to the spread with some realignment.

Clara and I - photo was taken with my boyfriend's camera phone, which I think has pretty good quality!

My blurb (: As you can see it's pretty much similar but with rearrangement and without that smaller photo.

I was a little surprised at the smaller photo they chose because it was a random pose we tried out towards the end of the shoot - just for the fun of. I guess I'm just not used to that photo with me being all 'cutesy-ish', though people did comment it was fine so I guess it is?

I loved the entire shoot, the styling, the concept... pretty much the entire vibe about it. It was so fun and getting dolled up like that was just a great great experience. Best of all, and I don't mean that in a narcissistic way, I love how the final main photo came out!

Heh, okay, that was so narcissistic of me, I know... But since I have this version from Lorraine, why not share, right?

I totally forgot to bring a camera to the photoshoot so I snapped some behind the scenes shots with my camera phone. It's crap quality but you'll have to make do. I do have better quality photos later on courtesy of Skin79 but here are those that I took of the area. The entire shoot was held at the photographer's place and it even had a nice cozy area to get ready in.

Hair is done here, along with wardrobe selection.

There are even accessories available to add to our outfits.

Getting my hair done!

This was used as a reference for the style, concept and vibe for my shoot.

Now I present you with some much better Behind-The-Scenes shots taken while I was modeling - much thanks to Skin79 for these! Behind-the-scenes shots are always fun to scan through and from these you can see the different styles/poses we had tried out!

It's going to be a bit of a pic-spam and it's all going to be me, so be warned!

So that is basically it! If you want to find out more about this or hear my experiences, thoughts and all that, you can watch link linked below. I decided to doa video with the makeup and hair styling from the shoot just to 'preserve' such an image on my youtube channel.

VIDEO: Photoshoot with Skin79!


This is definitely a different experience from the earlier Elizabeth Arden photoshoot I had done. They each had their own style and theme but I guess I do prefer this one a slight bit more because there is more styling that goes on and the concept they wanted is along the lines of what I am familiar with so it wasn't too intimidating.

All in all, I just want to say thank you to everybody again. If not for my blog, readers and viewers I would not have such a fun opportunity as such. Also, a big thank you to Skin79, Pearlin, and those who worked behind the scenes for this!

To this date I'm still pretty awed by the styling for the shoot. It's surely an experience I would not forget.
Thanks for reading!

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Skin 79 Diamond Collection Workshop

By Sara Kye · August 4, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

A few days back I had attended a Skin79 workshop. I was invited by Pearlin and the event was held at The Icing Room, 313 Orchard branch. The venue/layout of the shop and the brand was pretty much a perfect girly tea-party match.

I have talked about Skin79 on my blog before, when I attended a preview session organized by StarAsia (distributor of Skin79) a few months back.

Skin79, is a leading Korean BB Cream brand and is ranked number 1 in sales in Taiwan, Japan and of course Korea itself. They carry different ranges of BB Creams and products, each range differing in product ingredients to meet different needs.

If you are not too sure what a BB Cream is, refer to this introductory post.

This time around, we were invited to preview a specific Skin79 product range -
the Diamond Collection I & II

What is the difference between this range and their other ranges? Well as mentioned, Skin79 ranges differ primarily in their ingredients.

The Diamond Collection contains ingredients like Diamond Powder, Jewel Complex powder consisting of ruby, amethyst, coral, tourmalin and pearl. All these are meant to brighten the complexion, sooth and soften the skin, promote blood circulation amongst other benefits. One key ingredient I did like the sound of was Pearl, which is meant to revitalize dull complexions. Sounds promising, yes?

But it does not stop there. The Diamond Collection is divided into 2 collections.

The Diamond I Collection

The products in the light baby pink packaging are from the Diamond I Collection.

The Diamond II Collection

The products in a darker hot pink packaging are from the Diamond II Collection.

Both collections contain the ingredients mentioned above. The main difference is the Diamond II Collection is an upgraded formula that contains an extra ingredient - Flora Bouquet Complex. This Complex is a mixture of Peach Blossoms, Orange Blossoms and other extracts. It is meant to protect and further sooth the skin. The price range in the Diamond II Collection is slightly upgraded as well.

I had played around with some of the Diamond Collection products (amongst others) at the Skin79 event I had attended earlier. You can read some initial observations and such on this entry. During this particular workshop I managed to reswatch some of the products and take photos of those I did not play around with earlier.

Diamond Collection Luminous Pearl BB Cream

I had swatched this before and remember it as a product I intend to get my hands on in future. It does not work as an all-over BB Cream, unless you're going for that disco ball effect! This product contains a good amount of sheen and shimmer, perfect for highlighting purposes. The brush applicator is also detachable for cleansing - thus making this product very sanitary.

Diamond Collection Star Glow Ball Powder

I did not swatch this product at the event purely because it looked shimmer-scary but what I know is the different colored balls don't show up multi-colored on your face. Phew to that! It all blends together to form a very pretty (and shimmery) luminescent pearl shade. The different colors make it slightly multi-dimensional with the pink helping to brighten up the skintone etc.

Diamond Collection Perfect Cover BB Concealer

This product is a concealer with skincare properties, like whitening benefits. So when you conceal acne scars, you are lightening them at the same time. The major downside is, as you can see, this only comes in one rather limited shade. There are two colors in the palette, meant for you to mix them to your ideal skintone however both shades are pretty light. I do however like the consistency of it. It's uber creamy when swatched but smooths out to a nice powdery finish, not sticky at all.

Diamond Collection All Day Sun Powder

I have mentioned this product before and I am actually taking a liking for it. It is pretty much a loose setting powder jam-packed with SPF protection (SPF30 PA ++), perfect for those who like me don't like how sunblock feels but still want sun protection. I did not swatch it the last time, but doing so now, this powder has a slight pinkish hue. It does not have glitter, that stray glimmer you see was from something else. It has an extremely minor shimmer to it, almost un-noticeable. This would work on medium to fair skintones but on darker skintones it might leave that dreaded white cast as it's not completely translucent.

If loose powders aren't your thing, you would be glad to know Skin79 carries a pressed version of sun protection.

Diamond Collection UV Perfect BB Pact

Equipped with an SPF value of 30PA ++, this pressed powder from the Diamond II Range helps protect you from the sun while setting your BB Cream. I never did swatch this so I do now know if it swatches more pink or beige. However you can find out about how their other compacts react in my earlier swatchfest!

To finish up the briefing section, we were informed that Skin79 is currently having an offer for their Hot Pink and VIP Gold range. In each bundle you get the Beblesh Balm along with it's complimenting Powder Pact for a promotional price.

Here are the prices for the Diamond Collection products (SGD - retail prices at Watsons):

<span style="font-size: small; color: #666699;">Diamond I The Prestige Beblesh Balm - SGD39.90
Diamond I Star Glow Ball Powder - SGD39.90
Diamond I UV Screen Beblesh Pact SPF22 PA ++ - SGD39.90
Diamond I Luminous Pearl Beblesh Balm -<strong> SGD35.90

</strong>Diamond II Crystal Pearl BB Cream - SGD42.90
Diamond II UV Perfect BB Pact, SPF30 PA ++ - SGD43.90
Diamond II Perfect Cover BB Concealer - SGD39.90
Diamond II All-Day Sun Powder SPF30 PA ++ - SGD39.90</span>

Since we were at The Icing Room, of course there were bound to be cakes and all that yummy confectionary.

Sometime into the session, we were provided with ingredients to decorate our own little muffins. This also brought about a impromptu Best Muffin Decoration contest.

Cupcake decorating or photo-snapping under way

This is the aftermath of the cupcake decorating session, remember how the icing bundles came nicely arranged from before?

This is my final muffin design along with the other muffin designs for the judging session - I have no idea what the design is about, I just let the icing and my hands do the job. ha.

I totally was not expecting it but somehow I managed to get the impromptu Best Muffin Design though everyone's muffins were really pretty too. Turns out decorating a muffin isn't as simple as it seems!

Thanks StarAsia for the super cute tiara prize! The one on my head is the prize, not the one I'm holding. That one is the resident crown of Skin79.

And here are some more photos from the event

Tiphanie and I

Tiphanie, Joyce and I

Christy and Chantana


We all left the place with a goodie bag in tow filled with some products from the Diamond Collection.

We were given the:
• Prestige Beblesh Balm - I was super excited about this. I had listed this in my wishlist from before and I'm glad I got it now :D
• Star Glow Ball Powder
• Pefect Cover BB Concealer - I'll try this out once but I'm presuming it's really light for me to do anything with it. Would probably end up passing it to my mom since she's fairer then I am.

Since I had featured these products from before I shan't do individual shots and flood this entry more. I still haven't gotten a review of the Hot Pink Beblesh Balm up yet, but that is coming soon, I promise!

Thanks for reading and thank you Skin79 for the lovely evening.


Sadly I do not own all the products mentioned here, goodie bag and yummy cakes were provided.
I am not getting paid for this and all opinions expressed are my own, I am not affiliated to Skin79.

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Skin79 Exclusive Pre-sale!

By Sara Kye · April 14, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

So as we all know Skin79 is launching in Singapore on the 26th of April, if you haven't read about the event I attended, you can do so here!

Right now Skin79 are tying up with cozycot to hold an exlusive pre-sale for cozycot members!

Skin79 wil be offering two of their most popular BB Creams with this pre-sale. The Hot Pink Super Plus BB Cream (suited for oily/combination skin) and the VIP Gold Super Plus BB Cream (suitable for dry/combination skin) at $36.90.

The following image is information regarding this pre-sale (: - click to enlarge and read

So as it says, with the pre-sale you stand to receive an exlusive BB Cream miniature with mobile phone strap that is not for sale in stores.
We were given the miniatures as part of the goodie bag from the Skin79 event, so incase you missed it, this is what they look like:

Though the freebie from the pre-sale does not come with the blinged-out initials (that letter 'S'). Whichever BB Cream you order, you will receive the minature for that. So if order the Hot Pink, your miniature would be the Hot Pink one etc.

Just hop on over to this page to order. And remember you have to be a cozycot member to place an order.

When you click on either BB Cream on the Skin79 page, you will be directed to it's review page, simply look out for the Buy Now! link (just above facebook and twitter sharing icons).

My apologies that I could not get up decent reviews of either products since I am still in the midst of testing them out. This would a great chance for you girls who have been wanting to get your hands on these before Skin79 was reported to set foot our shores.

There are only 50 pieces of each up for grabs, so good luck to all!

Now just a quick update I want to throw in here. I have a couple haul entries coming up and most of them are actually nail polishes. I have no idea why but I have been rather obsessed about browsing nail polishes lately... more so then makeup! *shock horror* I am contemplating if I should do it collectively or just span it out. I'll probably span them out since some of the polishes are in the midst of transit and I have no idea when they would reach me.

But here's me rambling. I have a couple of entries planned but not enough time to resize photos and type out the entry. Tsk tsk, 24 hours in a day is not enough.

Thanks for reading and don't forgot about the Skin79 pre-sale!

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Skin79 Part 2 - Product Swatchfest! (& Initial Observations)

By Sara Kye · April 12, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

This is part 2 of the Skin79 Dinner Party and Product Launch event. In this part I will primarily be talking about the products I had played around with at the event - beware it's going to be quite long and picture heavy. Head over to part 1 if you haven't to find out more about Skin79, what happened at the event and some preliminary findings about the goodie bag items!

This was the army of products we were presented with at the event.

To date Skin79 has more than 100 different products available, however StarAsia Singapore (the brand bringing in Skin79) aren't going to launch the entire range just yet. I believe what you see above would be the first batch of items to be brought in.

We were told that the price for Skin79's products at Watsons will be similar to how much it costs over in Korea (after conversion and all). Thus no worries about overly jacked up prices. I do have prices of several products on hand but Mag (makeupstash) has provided a rather complete price list so you may hop over to check it out.

We were given a disc with all the information about pricing and product descriptions but apparently that disc isn't Mac-friendly - thus I can't read the info on there.

I'll start off this swatchfest with something that is unique to Skin79.

Aside from just offering BB Cream, Skin79 also promotes complimenting compact powders (powder pact). As BB Cream is a cream-type product, to ensure it stays on longer and to prevent it from melting off (especially in this heat), it's best to set it with a powder. True to the brand image, Skin79's compact powders all look very girly and chic - see for yourselves!

Of course you can mix and match compact powders and BB Creams from different ranges, the complimenting factor is just a guide.

A quick overview of all their compact powders

  • Powder feels finely milled in all compacts, very soft and velvety feeling.
  • When used alone, these powders have little to no coverage or color
  • When layered over a BB Cream, that's when you can really detect the product and it seems to lend a bit of coverage that way along with a slight tint of color.
  • These compact powders are not 2-way cake foundations, they do not offer as much coverage.


Hot Pink Sun Protect BB Pact SPF30 PA ++

One thing I noticed about this powder was that amongst all swatched, this one actually turned a little pinkish on my skin after a little while. The bright pink compact was quite attractive for a lot of girls at the event and the high spf factor is a boost.
Price: S$35.90

Hologram Pearl Pact BB (VIP Gold Collection)

The shape of this compact reminds me of MAC's sheer mystery powder compacts (think: Baroque Boudoir & Monogram) but not as heavy weight. It does reflect the whole VIP status. Though this is one compact I will never think to purchase because it is littered with shimmer! It didn't turn pinkish on me though.

Probably a good body powder product for clubbers, performers (dancers), or just events where you want some bling. I can't imagine who would use this as a face powder on a regular basis. The reason for the shimmer according to Lorraine is to give the skin some glow since the VIP range is for Dry/Combination skin. But I think glow and shimmer are two pretty different terms!
Price: S$35.90

Diamond BB UV Screen BB Pact SPF 22 PA++

I didn't swatch all the compact powders but this is probably my favorite because it was the most natural color to my skintone. It didn't turn pinkish on me and it's a nice soft natural shade. Doesn't provide a sheen or a matte finish, just a very natural 'skin' finish. The silver sponge that comes along with it is also very adorable.
Price: uncertain

The Oriental Smooth Sun BB Pact SPF25 PA++

This is from Skin79's The Oriental range which is supposedly a range targeted at mature skin though the Powder pact itself has no mention of that, the skincare line does. But anyway, this compact does turn slightly pink on my skin though it is very slight (not as much as the Hot Pink compact). Personal preference, but I didn't really like the cover of the compact, felt that it seemed a little bulky.
Price: S$35.90

There was one more compact powder but I didn't swatch it. My best advise would be if the Watsons counters provide testers *I'm guessing they do?* try to swatch the powder on your arm (preferrably over a BB Cream) and walk around for awhile to see if they do turn pinkish or stay true to your skintone.

Next up I just swatched some various other products they had including other BB Creams and some skincare items. Sadly I didn't manage to swatch everything that was available, but here is what I covered:

Dream Girls BB Cream SPF30 PA++

This product was recommended for teenagers primarily because of it's light coverage. Of course, don't let the age get in the way. If you're looking for a tinted moisturizer type thing and you're a fan of BB Creams, this might be good for you. The coverage is only enough to even out the skintone, and the formula is probably the most liquid BB Cream I've ever swatched.
Price: S$26.90

Diamond Collection Luminous Pearl BB Cream

I highly advise against using this BB Cream over your entire face. This product packs a pearlescent sheen and slight shimmer to it. When used all over it might be too much and give that greasy effect. However when used strategically as a highlight (above the cheekbone), the sheen it provides would give an amazing luminescent glow to the face. Pictures really don't do the swatch justice at all, this product is amazing and the brush applicator is really soft!
Price: S$35.90

Diamond Collection The Prestige BB Cream

Now this is a BB Cream you may use all over the face, and while the swatches makes it seem like there are shimmer particles, I don't remember there being any. This BB Cream gives a satin finish with a super gorgeous sheen. The sheen is obvious in the 'blended out' swatch picture. I can't describe it but it's not a dewy sheen, nor is it a highlighted shimmer. It's just that sort of evened-out sheen that gives your face dimension, super pretty!
Price: S$39.90

Intense Classic Balm SPF35 PA ++

The swatch picture for this didn't turn out good so you'll just have to trust me on this one. This BB Cream is from their 'Treatment' line hence the slightly different and more toned down 'kiehls-styled' look. This contains plant extracts and all to sooth the skin while concealing at the same time. Yes, concealing, which means this BB Cream actually provides pretty good coverage! I tried demonstrating it, covering this wound of mine, but the picture came out blah. This can also be used for spot concealing, since it treats while it covers, 2 in one! This (I think) is also one of their cheaper BB Cream ranges.
Price: S$26.90

So far that's all the BB Creams I have covered with my swatch session, now a couple of skincare items

All Day Sun Powder SPF30 PA ++

I did not swatch the powder so I am not sure how that feels, but I like the idea of this product. It's pretty much like sunscreen in powder form. I dislike wearing sunscreen as it seems very heavy on and often times sticky and thick, so this product sounds like a pretty good alternative to traditional sunscreen.

The Oriental Lifting Eye Controller

This is simply said, an eyecream. I don't know how well it works, but I am quite fascinated by the way it dispenses; You hold it up against your undereye and press down on it and you get a blob on your undereye. No need to squeeze it on your fingers before applying it to your eye. Though you have to be cautious and control your pressing strength else you might get way too much. I don't know how effective it is, but it felt quite moisturizing on and had a nice scent. It could be a little greasy-feeling for some people though. The texture is like a cross between gel and cream.
Price: S$26.90

The Oriental Total Power Cream

This is an anti-aging cream and one thing from the The Oriental line I would say might not be suited for people with younger skin. Mainly because it is very rich, and slightly greasy. People will mature skin or dry skin will appreciate this product a lot more. One thing I noticed is that it has an odd scent to it. A mix between a scent common with The Oriental series along with a waxy-almost scent? I didn't really like it.
Price: S$32.90

And that is everything I managed to swatch! This entry must have gone on forever. Just to sum it all up, here are some products that made it to my wishlist after the swatchfest.

Now this is provided I don't break out from the BB Creams.

I have only tested it out once thus far, the Hot Pink one, I'll post initial opinions and such maybe mid-week when I find some time. I have read reviews where some people say they don't break out from Skin79 though they break out from other BB Creams. I hope I am one of those exceptions since I do love the concept of Skin79 products - the whole look and feel of the brand and the way the products work.

But of course BB Creams often boil down to what works best for your skintype, I found this rather informative chart off of Skin79's Facebook page.
- click to enlarge -


Once more if you didn't catch it the first time,
Skin79 will be launching in Watsons on the 26th of April!
It will be in 40 Watsons outlets. Some sure locations are Ngee Ann City, Parkway Parade and Bugis.

Thank you all so much for reading this insanely long post, hope it helped some of you!


Sadly I do not own the products mentioned in this entry - yet!
I am not getting paid for this and all opinions expressed are my own, I am not affiliated to Skin79.

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Skin79 Part 1 - Dinner Party & Product Sampling Event

By Sara Kye · April 10, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Skin79 is a Korean BB Cream brand that I am pretty certain majority of my readers have heard of, including a good handful who are familiar with it. If you are not too well-versed with the brand, fret not, that was exactly where I stood before attending this product launch.

I have heard of the brand Skin79 and have briefly browsed their products online, but I am not very familiar with what they have and their history. It's no surprise since they are a BB cream brand and I had reported that a prior experience with BB Cream (namely Rojukiss BB Cream) has left me nothing but a negative impression of the BB family. However I am wiling to try and see if that impression will change with Skin79.

After all, Skin79 is a highly raved and sought after BB Cream brand, ranking No. 1 in sales in not only Korea but also Japan and Taiwan! Talk about impressive.
Here are some little tidbits about BB Cream and also Skin79, if you aren't too familiar with either or want to find out more.
- as usual, click image to enlarge -

One unique selling point of Skin79 that sets it apart from it's BB Cream brand competitors would be: Skin79 carries a wide range of BB Creams to cater to many different skin types and needs.

This is a quote from Damien, who is a Chief Operating Office at StarAsia Singapore, the company that brought Skin79 to our shores.

So regardless your preference be it shimmery, dewy, natural, full coverage, light coverage etc, Skin79 has different BB Creams to cater to those different preferences! I know this sounds right out of an infomercial script, but I kid you not, they do have a variety of BB Creams to choose from.

As with all BB Creams, these (sadly) only come in one shade and might not be suitable with certain skintones (namely MAC NC/NW 40 and darker). Someone should come up with darker BB Cream tones too, now that would be revolutionary.

At the product sampling event we got to play around with a good number of their products - swatching and snapping photos. I will be posting swatches, initial opinions/findings of the products we had played around with in a seperate blog entry, so as not to plonk on too much information and make this entry way long.

In the meantime, here is coverage on the event and of course the lovely goodie bags we received.

The Dinner Party event was held at Essential Brew, a restaurant in Holland Village (right beside The Body Shop, for reference). We were being ushered into this private room upon arrival. The room had also been decorated with helium-filled ballons to create a girly and decked up feel the Skin79 brand has, it's definitely paying attention to brand image here!

There was also a little 'center piece' or rather display of the Skin79 products:

As dinner commenced, Lorraine (Brand Manager of StarAsia Singapore) talked to us about the brand Skin79, along with product information and all. She also helped answer our questions throughout the entire session.

(and that's Damien right there on the left!)

Since this is a Dinner Party, how can we not feature some food along with the blog entry?
This is the menu we were presented with once we had settled down, we were asked to pick our desired main course from the list.

Our starters. These were shared dishes and the baby potatoes (the center dish) were so good!

My main course - Cajun Dory.
The fish was really nice. The rice wasn't too bad but the sauce on the rice was quite.. unique (for lack of better word). It was sweet and that was just a bit odd.

But that is it for food. We destroyed the dessert the minute it arrived, didn't take photos of that.

Back to the makeup....
As I said this session was pretty relaxed and fun, we sat around and chatted while having dinner and swatching makeup at the same time. I forgot to mention earlier but some of the bloggers present were: Chantana, Joyce, Mag, Iris, Tiphanie, Clara and Christy. It was awesome meeting up with familiar faces again! There were 10 bloggers in total, but I didn't recognize everyone.

The following are just photos of us swatching and playing around, or doing our 'job' I suppose.

I sat closest to Chantana and Joyce so we ooh-ed and aah-ed at stuff together. Mag came over to chat and Clara (who sadly left early) sat close by us so we had little photo-ops together.

Joyce looks so cute here!

And here is a super cute photo of Chantana. We were joking about how much we loved the products and that we wanted to bring them home.

She didn't take anything of course! But it's a super cute shot.
Chantana has tons more fun shots from the event, I didn't take that many since it was hard to self-cam in the dim lighting (results in blurry photos). Can't wait to see her post, I'm sure to be snagging some photos for my facebook page.

As wth most events, we left with a goodie bag in tow!

I know this entry is getting way long, I'll get this part done with quick. Imagine if I put in the mad swatching session we did at the resturant. It would take you a year to finish this blog entry (I exaggerate...).

With the goodie bag we received two full sized BB Creams:

VIP Gold Super Plus Beblesh Balm - dry/combination skin ($36.90)

Hot Pink Super Plus Beblesh Balm Triple Functions - oily/combination ($36.90)
And yes! Jolin Tsai is going to be Skin79's celebrity ambassador.

I would want to rave about how cute the packaging is but I'm sure you all have noticed how pretty and quirky the packaging is. It almost looks like a soda can to me!

Lorraine reports that the Hot Pink seems to sell better then the VIP Gold BB Cream. Aside from the pink packaging being generally more attractive to girls, I can understand why the Pink one might sell better. First off, the skin type would be the main reason since I assume most Asians in this region tend to have oilier skin then dry skin?

Following that, I did a little swatch documentation of both BB Creams, though I don't know what for since on camera it looks indifferent.

I have found that the consistency of VIP Gold is a little thicker then Hot Pink. Hot Pink feels almost wet, not watery but smoother and easier to thin out. VIP Gold isn't a lot thicker, but it doesn't feel as 'wet' as Hot Pink is. Hot Pink might be easier to blend out and use on a daily basis. VIP Gold is said to be a more intensive version of Hot Pink, hence the minor thickness.

Here's how they both look completely spreaded out. I can't judge the coverage since I have nothing to cover on my arm. I'll leave that for next time.

This is going to sound insane since you can't really see a difference in the photo (click to enlarge, the quality is better) but Hot Pink gives the skin a nice reflective sheen. Not very obvious but it does have a slight natural look. Almost MUFE HD Foundation-esque.
VIP Gold on the other hand provides a satin almost-matte finish.

I guess you could consider those mini reviews! Speaking of mini, within the goodie bag we were also given a little travel size BB Cream along with a cute charm.

Each charm was customized to match our initials and mine was an 'S', S for Sara!

Bling bling!

I am pretty excited to try these BB Creams out, they feel nice when swatched on my arm and they have a nice scent too. Never thought I would be this excited about applying foundation.
But anyway that would be it. Phew~ That was quite a long post!


I don't think I've mentioned this all important detail yet!
Skin79 will be launching in Watsons on the 26th of April!
It will be in 40 Watsons outlets. Some sure locations are Ngee Ann City, Parkway Parade and Bugis.

Thank you so very much for reading! Head on over to Part 2 where I feature swatches, opinions/feedback on texture and all that jazz of more Skin79 products we managed to play around with at the event.


The yummilicious dinner and goodie bag were sponsored by Skin79.
I am certainly not getting paid for this and all opinions expressed are my own.


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